Fifty [odd] Forms!

In this plane, I played around with importing images and the use of shapes as holes in other shapes. In the back, I created some strange crayon looking objects, one box with a cool patterned top, and a six-sided di. I imported an image of a cat and then placed a pattern over it as a hole to add varied texture. I also created a dog house and a little bowl type shape. I used the terrain object along with the steps to create a sort of disappearing staircase. In the front, I designed the base of a table, then added a top for a complete table. The last two shapes on this plane were just cool ways to play with overlaying things to created interesting surface textures.


Here I designed an image imprint. I found a community shape where I could use my own image and it would print it on the surface as the texture. I also designed a star crown using several stars and the ring shape. I designed a fence and then used four fence panels to create a pen/enclosure. I found a cool file of a cow on Thingiverse, so I included that inside the pen, which I thought was semi-realistic. In the back, I doodled with using a cone and altering the number of sides, then changing the angle to create a falling look object.

In this plane, I was able to include several new abilities, like importing shapes and then including them with other objects. I imported the dog from Thingiverse, then sized it down and put it in the front yard of the house. I also found a wreath and tacked that above the door of the house. In the back of the plane, I designed a waving banner with my name as well as a cool gear. I used the gear from the website and then inserted a corkscrew shape inside, so if I printed it, it would have a spiraling hole through it. I found some fancy text for “Virginia” online and converted the file and imported it and set it on top of the state of Virginia. If this shape were printed, it would come out as an engraving of sorts. I also created a little three tier cake with a star on top. In the front, I converted the file of a monogram I had created and then engraved that into a heart and crescent. This could be used as a keychain or pendant.

A close friend of mine recently got engaged, so that kind of inspired me to design a ring in a box. I found the ring and the diamond on Thingiverse and created the box. I used a regular box, beveled the edges, duplicated it, split it in half, used a smaller version for the holes, and then tilted one side to create the top and bottom. I did not merge the final set because I wanted to be able to see the difference in the two objects.

Since all things fall are coming out, I felt a little inspired to include some fall and nature items. I found a cool maple leaf napkin holder on Thingiverse and designed a very simple tree. Beside the tree, I created salt and pepper shakers. I also included an alteration of the mandala and created my own sort of mandala using several cylinders. In the front, I included another monogram.

Lastly, I created some kitchen items and oddball designs. I used cylinders, rings, and holes to create the mug and random shapes to create what I deem “The Paperweights”. The purple object is actually a plate with a mandala inset as a hole to add texture to the surface. I used a manipulated cone to create the plate where the bottom radius is much smaller than the top and I used the same shape to create a dip on the top.