Fifty Things

 Welcome to me attempting to figure out how to be creative and use the Tinkercad program at the same time as sorority recruitment trying to kill me! I was craving ice cream, so I used some of the basic shapes to build a dripping ice cream cone. Obviously surreal color wise, but still a fun and simple thing to start with!

  I had my sorority on the brain, and our symbol is the diamond, so I thought I would play with text and carve our nickname into a diamond.

  I decided then to experiment with changing the settings on various math-based shapes (sides, width, height, rotation, etc) just to see how they looked because the functional shapes were incredibly interesting to me from an artistic stand point!

  This is where my tired brain kicked in a bit! I decided to make an Easter egg bunny and put him in a little house that I found in the community section of Tinkercad, and put him on some grass. I showed all of my bunny’s pieces, as well, in case anyone wants to make and print him in the spring to hide!

  Then I decided I wanted coffee, and I deserved an amazing mug. So I imported the monogram that I designed for myself (after using a converter website to turn the PDF into an SVG file), to make a mug with a fancy twisted handle and my monogram carved into it. This is one thing that would totally be worth printing. And in this one, to make the handle work, the timing of my grouping was incredibly important, so the hole needed to go in very last.

 Here I again attempted to play with various shapes I found, and gain a handle on the control-D or duplicate function, as well as combining shape and text (which could also be fun to actually print), and learning how to align things (such as the round text in blue on top of the mandala in the back).

Then I took one of my poster projects where I had manipulated type and converted it to SVG. I began to duplicate and layer in a couple of colors and change the orientation until I got something wild and new and different from the original (the original look in the bottom right for reference.)

  Finally, I put all my new skills together to create this adorable scene with some angular trickery. I found the adorable cow on Thingiverse and then played with text, shape, color, angles, and duplication to achieve my very funny scene of a cow being abducted by aliens. This should get me to 50 things, ending on the best possible note!