Week 13 – Level up

November 28, 2017 mathgrrl

Welcome back! Today we’ll talk about taking your OpenSCAD and Fusion 360 projects to the next level. First: Rings! Come up to the front and show off what you got back from Shapeways. What are your next steps? Are you going to iterate your design […]

Rough Ring

I wanted to make a ring that looked rough and haphazard but with some sort of continuing design on it. I eventually settled on making the edges rough but in a series of lines that were spaced evenly apart. I used a stamp of a […]

Row Well Ring

I decided that I wanted to put the phrase “Row Well and Live” on my ring after trying a few different designs and growing frustrated. This was a phrase that my AFROTC commander taught us, explaining that it signified […]

Studded Ring

For this assignment we used the softwares Fusion360 and Meshmixer. To be honest at first Fusion360 was very difficult to understand, but I really liked how detailed and complex the gadgets were. I began my design by […]

Klingon Ring

So my ring has the klingon symbol from Star Trek on it, that is going to be printed in pink acrylic material. I chose this design because I’m getting back into Star Trek and I wanted a piece of Star Trek themed merch that didn’t […]

Psalm Ring

For my Ring Project I decided to do something a bit different. I was trying to think of what to put on my ring and I finalized on a Bible verse. For the style of my ring I originally chose to cut out the middle […]

Crown Ring

November 15, 2017 Gwen Han

Originally, I was going for a type of ring where it wraps around the finger (shown below). I messed around a lot with the stencil and images (re-meshing and different images), coming up with different images on […]

Shell Ring

Reiterating that I have never participated in a technology class similar to 3D Printing before, each project enlightens me on a different creation that I never thought was possible through 3D printing. As a fashion lover myself […]

Pinky Ring

For this assignment, I designed a pinky ring using the 3D design program called Fusion. I started by going through the tutorial that was provided to learn to make the ring. I went through all the steps and then I decided to change […]

Smiley Ring with Spikes

November 14, 2017 TJ Bush

This ring project presented several challenges for me, and was certainly the biggest test that I have encountered in this class thus far. I ended up having to make two separate base designs for my ring, and had to make several design iterations for both base designs. […]

JMU Gift Ring

This assignment I found particularly challenging. I felt as if I was behind the 8-ball from the start. The first step we took as a class was to learn how to make a common ring design, and bring it to actuality. Upon the completion of […]

Week 12 – OpenSCAD!

November 14, 2017 mathgrrl

// Cleanup // Any problems with your ring orders? Anything about Shapeways that needs discussing? I have now added a “Fusion 360 Ring” category to WordPress. Please tag your ring posts with this category *right now* so you don’t forget. There was a problem with […]

Swoosh Ring

I created my ring using Fushion 360. It took me a while to figure out what kind of ring I wanted. After a while, I decided that It would be easier to just keep my design simple. I decided to put a smaller ring that would […]

Crown Ring

I used the template ring that we had been instructed on how to make through the power point. I was happy with the way the ring looked, so i didn’t want to alter the actual shape of the ring, i.e., the way the ring curved […]

Spool Ring

For this assignment, I began with the ring design that we made in class based on the ring tutorial. From there I wanted to make the ring have two outer edges, which makes it look similar to a spool. The way in which […]

Week 11 – 3D Printing in Nylon and Metals

November 7, 2017 mathgrrl

Today everyone will order copies of their ring designs from Shapeways! You can order a metal ring or you can order an inexpensive SLS Nylon ring for under $10 including shipping. If you need financial assistance please see me outside of class. Step 1: Upload […]