Week 11 – 3D Printing in Nylon and Metals

Today everyone will order copies of their ring designs from Shapeways! You can order a metal ring or you can order an inexpensive SLS Nylon ring for under $10 including shipping. If you need financial assistance please see me outside of class.

Step 1: Upload your most current design to Shapeways.

Step 2: Everyone come up to the front of the room and do a quick show-and-tell of your ring, using the computer to show the design render on Shapeways, and the projector to show your printed prototype.

Step 3: What material do you want to print your ring in? Did your ring pass the printability tests on Shapeways for the material you chose?

Step 4: Order your ring and fill out this form to let me know the material you selected and the estimated ship date that appears on the final confirmation screen. It’s okay if you want to do a little bit more work on your ring before ordering, as long as you place your order by the end of the day today.

Homework for this week: Write a short blog post about your ring project. See the Assignments page for the requirements.