Collar ring

First of all, I followed all the steps that were on the powerpoint to make my first draft of the ring. Nevertheless, I struggled trying know how this now app, called Fusion 360, works. Coming from Tinkercad that is really simple and easy to work on, Fusion360 is harder to get use to, but finally, I could discover how it works and I started my design. However, this first model was really simple and plain. After that I tried to give some form to my ring. I edited and sculpted and I made some squares and circle forms all around the ring, my intention doing this was trying to emulate a dog collar. On the other hand, another thing that I have realized after I made the final model is that is also similar to a combinantion of mountains, this wasnt my intention but it came like that randomly and I think it looks cool.

Finally, I ordered my final design in the HP Nylon plastic material in the gray colour. I think that with this type of material all type of details will be shown and the ring will look better.


Finally, this is the final print. I think that with this material you cold appreciate most of the details.