Pinky Ring

Pinky Ring Design

For this assignment, I designed a pinky ring using the 3D design program called Fusion. I started by going through the tutorial that was provided to learn to make the ring. I went through all the steps and then I decided to change the shape of the sweep to two circle that were connected to give it a stacked ring look. When I put my design in Cura to test my model, I noticed that there was a layer covering where the opening of the ring should be. I thought something may be wrong with Cura so I opened it in Shapeways and found the same problem. After going through many different strategies of fixing the ring, I decided to just start over. I have a theory that what may have been wrong with the first design is that the two circles were not completely connected so that a small gap was created. To avoid this problem for the second design, I used a pentagon and only used one to make a sweep for my new ring design. I am very happy with how my designed turned out. I feel that it has a very industrial look.