Row Well Ring

I decided that I wanted to put the phrase “Row Well and Live” on my ring after trying a few different designs and growing frustrated. This was a phrase that my AFROTC commander taught us, explaining that it signified how we should always strive to row against the stream, and that nothing in life would come easy. This stood out a lot to me and I was very excited to see it printed on the ring.

I began by creating the ring as we did in class, and then created a small slit in the ring so that I would be able to unfold it.

I switched to the sheet metal version of the Fusion editor, and then applied text to the unfolded ring.

One thing that I really appreciated about fusion was how many different text options were offered. It took me some time to decide what I wanted.

After applying the text I extruded it, so that it would be very clear when printed.

When I refolded the ring it turned out like this. I unfortunately lost my prototype, but the HP Nylon print version should be coming in soon.


My first copy of the ring turned out very well. I was happy with how it turned out, and how visible the text on the ring was despite the coloring.


I then ordered a gray nylon version from Shapeways, and increased the size of the ring so that it would not be so tight on my finger. I ended up making the ring slightly too large, but it still fits on my finger without falling off. I think that the lettering is difficult to see in this version, and I would be interested to see how this ring would turn out if I printed the project in silver.