Klingon Ring

So my ring has the klingon symbol from Star Trek on it, that is going to be printed in pink acrylic material. I chose this design because I’m getting back into Star Trek and I wanted a piece of Star Trek themed merch that didn’t cost $180.

Most of my process was in meshmixer trying to get the stamps to work properly. I went through about 10 stamps trying to get it to show up on the ring.¬†First stamp I used, as you can see it’s not showing up very well.

Then I learned that meshmixer stamps move white parts of an image and not the black parts, so I had to find a symbol with a white interior so the design would show up! Luckily many fans have come before me and made a ton of different versions of the symbol I wanted including one that had a white interior and black outline! Once I had that it was smooth sailing and the design showed up wonderfully!

Finally they symbol Showed up!

When I uploaded to shapeways It was surprisingly easy to get everything to work out and the design passed manual checks there so I can only hope the design shows up!

My ring arrived and I could not be happier with how it turned out! The symbols are a bit hidden unless you’re looking really close at it but the pink acrylic material has a spectacular texture and it’s currently serving me really well as a stim ring!

This is the final product! I like it very much! Though for future projects I’ll have to be sure to make the symbols bigger so they’re more obvious.