Pangea Ring

My Pangea ring has a base model very much like the test ring, but with an increased thickness due to the depth of the design I required. I did this by making the outer circle extend further beyond the inner circle before extruding it (I would include a picture, but unfortunately I made the mistake of creating the ring on somebody else’s Fusion account and now I cannot access the Fusion file). I love Lord of the Rings, and originally set out to create a Middle Earth themed ring, but the best design I could find for stencil usage was that of our own planet.

Thus, the Pangea ring!

It took a couple attempts to get the design to come through on MeshMixer, but it finally started working once I started indenting the continents instead of raising them of the surface of the rings. I ordered a green ring from Shape ways and intend to paint the oceans around the continents blue!