The Triforce of Power, Courage, and Wisdom

After sizing my ring finger, I created a basic ring structure in Fusion 360 like everyone else in the class.  I printed my first draft of the ring to test the size and it fit perfectly.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make my ring related to “The Legend of Zelda,” so I google image searched a triforce and found the image above.  I first applied a single triforce stamp in Meshmixer on the ring and later added multiple triforces around all of it.

When I printed this draft, the ring was very rough on the bottom and the triforces did not come out very clear on the ring, so I tried to think of a new design.  I knew that I wanted to eventually print the ring in some type of metal, so I began thinking of a way to make rings for my family.  Since there are 3 parts to the triforce (power, wisdom, and courage) and there are 3 members of my family (me, my mom, and sister) I thought that it would be a neat idea to make us all a part of the triforce.

I wanted to spell out “Power” on my ring, but could not find the images that I wanted on google images.  So, I decided to draw them myself with a sharpie.  I added the images to my ring as well as a triforce.

I liked the design, but while I was searching for images in google, I came across the triforce names in Japanese characters.  I decided to create these images with a sharpie to add with the text instead of the triforce.







I later decided to include all of the Japanese characters all on one ring (for now) to get an idea of the design that I want.

The ring with the text and Japanese characters came out really well on Meshmixer.  After I test printed the ring, I decided to upload my ring to Shapeways and I ordered the ring in Frosted Ultra Detail.

I am going to fix some of the designs on the ring, because they did not come out as clear as I would have hoped and I want to get everything right before ordering the ring in metal.

Link to Shapeways: