Rough Ring

I wanted to make a ring that looked rough and haphazard but with some sort of continuing design on it. I eventually settled on making the edges rough but in a series of lines that were spaced evenly apart. I used a stamp of a picture I found online to create this rough texture and remeshed several lines of the ring in order to create the rough bumps.

As you can see above, I printed the ring once with the basic rough line pattern and I attempted to print it again with my initials engraved in it, but they weren’t set in deep enough to show up. I used a stamp of a picture of my initials to imprint them. I remeshed the inside of the ring and used a different design for my lettering and made it bigger, but wasn’t able to test print this.

wasn’t able to test print this. 

This is the shapeways render of my final design that includes my initials and the outside pattern that I’ve already tested. I chose to print the ring in matte gold steel, and hopefully the lettering will turn out the way I intended.


I printed the ring and it arrived and fits snugly and feels very sturdy! The lettering turned out alright as well although I would maybe sink it even deeper into the ring if I were to make another one.

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