Week 13 – Level up

Welcome back! Today we’ll talk about taking your OpenSCAD and Fusion 360 projects to the next level.

First: Rings!

  • Come up to the front and show off what you got back from Shapeways. What are your next steps? Are you going to iterate your design and/or re-order in a fancier material? (If so please include in your blog post.)
  • To get better photos for their blog posts and/or Shapeways pages, people can individually photograph their rings in the light box that is set up at the side of the room. Backgrounds, a phone stand, and a clip-on macro lens are also available for you to use.

Second: OpenSCAD

  • Hand around sheet for recording whether you have a 3D printed model and the corresponding 2D OpenSCAD code that was due today.
  • Explain your OpenSCAD code to your partner until they understand how it works to produce the 3D model you have printed. This type of explanation is what you should eventually include in your blog post for this project.
  • Homework for next week: Start your OpenSCAD blog post and then take the project a step further (see the Assignments page for details). Also re-order your ring if you like.

Blog Post Grading Rubric/Checklist

When I’m grading your final work, these are the sorts of things I will be thinking about. We’ve talked about these things all semester but I know some of your posts still need work in these areas! Consider this a checklist for your final revisions of each project post.

  • Assignment
    • Make sure you are satisfying the assignment terms for each project
    • Look back at the Assignment page and the Timeline posts for info
  • Logistics
    • Title of your project post should be a real title, not the name of the category
    • Featured image should be a good landscape photo of your best print
    • Change images in your post to “full size” whenever possible
    • Make sure Section headers are large enough (H2 or H3)
    • Proofread your writing and check that everything is readable/article style
  •  Design
    • Explain your design process and how you made your model
    • Include screenshots as appropriate
    • Share your failures from along the way, including photos if possible
  •  Prints
    • Final version should be a very good 3D print of your model
    • Should include at least one very nice landscape photo of your final print
    • You can also print more copies for partners or to give to the classroom
  •  Tinkercad
    • Projects created with Tinkercad should be made Public
    • Link to Tinkercad model included in your blog post (as a live link)
  •  Thingiverse
    • First/cover image should be that same great photo of your best print
    • Also upload .scad code or other files for your object, if you have any
    • Make sure you have included the #JMU3SPACE tag
    • Description should link back to your post
    • Link to Thingiverse model included in your blog post (as a live link)
  • Shapeways
    • You don’t have to post your ring designs to Thingiverse; you can keep that design private on Shapeways