Helmet in OpenSCAD

So for this openScad project I had a real hard time coming up with any ideas for it because the program didn’t make a lot of sense to me, it just didn’t do things in the order I wanted or in a way that I thought it should have.

I am a big dumb idiot and completely forgot to make a first print after Thanksgiving break so I don’t have anything to show off as my initial design.

That being said I knew I really had to step it up for my “level up” print. I spent a lot of time attempting to create a print and I finally came up with a cool looking helmet-like design, it reminded me of something from Marvel. I even managed to put a base on it after some crazy coding shenanigins where I had to put the translate before I made the square 3-D (which didn’t make any sense to me).  The object is made of 2 extruded and twisted squares, 1 that has +100 twist and the other is -100 twist for the horns, 2 spheres for the head and forhead jewel and one very flat cube for the base.

(side view)

(front view)

(back view)

Here’s my shenagian-y code:

//both horns

linear_extrude(height = 20, center = true, convexity = 10, twist = 80,slices = 20)
translate([2, 0, 0])

linear_extrude(height = 20, center = true, convexity = 10, twist = -80,slices = 20)
translate([0, 0, 0])

//Head sphere

//forhead sphere

translate([10, 10, -5])


translate([-5, -7, -19])
linear_extrude(height = 3, center = true, convexity = 10, twist = 0,slices = 1)



I am very happy with my design, but I didn’t want to wait almost 2 hours for it to print and reduced the size to 50%…little did I know it would come out so tiny! At this final stage it’s a bit of a bite sized print, but it looks great!