Triangle Twist

For this project we used OpenScad and to be honest I found it to be the most confusing out of all the assignments we have done. I have no coding experience, so trying to figure everything out was pretty difficult. Nevertheless, I am always up for a challenge and learning new things.  Having different tutorials for designs was very nice, because I really had no idea where to start. For my design I used the Polybowl tutorial to create an interesting product. I used her code, but throughout it I altered the code to make it an interesting design.

// simple code polybowl

radius = 30;
sides = 3;
bodyHeight = 65; 
baseHeight = 10;
rimHeight = 2;
bodyTwist = 60;
bodyFlare = 3;
thickness = 2;


linear_extrude( height=baseHeight )
 polyShape( solid="yes" );

// body 
linear_extrude( height=bodyHeight, twist=bodyTwist, 
 scale = bodyFlare, slices = 6 )
 polyShape( solid="no" );
 // rim
linear_extrude( height=rimHeight )
 polyShape( solid="no" );

////////////////////////////// /////////////////

module polyShape(solid){
 // start with outside shape
 offset( r=3, $fn=50 )
 circle( r=radius, $fn=sides );
 //take away inside shape
 if (solid=="no"){
 offset( r=3-thickness, $fn=50 )
 circle( r=radius, $fn=sides );

After playing around with the given code this is the design I came up with. By putting emphasis on the bodyFlare it created an exaggerated and layered look. Also by using a slight bodyTwist it added an interesting look similar to a vortex. Below is the final look of the design and it came out pretty well. I must say although OpenScad was very hard too get under wraps, I think the software is very innovative and a cool way to make different designs.