Final Revisions – Due by Tues 12/12 at 12:30pm for all sections
We will not be meeting during final exam week. Your “final exam” for this course will be the final revisions of all of your group and individual blog posts, including your OpenSCAD blog post. You will have access to the class WordPress site until the end of the official Final Exam period for this course; after that time no revisions will be accepted. I will look through all posts while considering the Rubric/Checklist from the 11/18 Timeline post.

Anonymous surveys – 6 points – due by Thursday 12/12
Later this week I’ll create some class surveys so I can learn from your experiences in this course. Although they will be anonymous I will have a way for you to record your name in a separate file for up to 6 bonus points. I WILL SEND YOU EMAIL when the surveys are ready, so please watch your email.

OpenSCAD level up blog post – 6+ pts – Due by Week 14 class (Tu 12/5 or Th 12/7)
Take your OpenSCAD code to the next level, by making a more complex model that uses code elements you didn’t use in your first round of code. Bring a PRINT and a PRINTOUT for your model/code to class (3 pts). In addition, start an individual blog post for your OpenSCAD project (3 pts). This blog post will be due 12/12 at the end of the revision period and will be worth a total of 12 points. Sections of your blog post should be:

  • Introduction and Thoughts
  • First OpenSCAD print (photo, code, explanation)
  • Leveled-up OpenSCAD print (photo, code, explanation, argument why this is a level up from your first design)
  • Sharing (link to Thingiverse post, updated with good photo and link back to blog)

OpenSCAD first print – 3 pts – Due by Week 13 class (Tu 11/28 or Th 11/30)
Design something new in OpenSCAD. It doesn’t have to be epic, but it should be more than just a box or a sphere. Use online resources to learn, and push yourself to create something interesting! Then export your OpenSCAD design as an STL, slice it in Cura, and 3D print it. Finally, make a 2D paper printout of the code you wrote to create the model. Make sure to do that before class and bring both the 3D print and the paper print with you to class. Also be sure that you can explain how your printed code works and how it creates your 3D printed model.

Shapeways form – 3 pts – Due during Week 12 class (Tu 11/14 or Th 11/16)
Please fill out this form to report your Shapeways ring material and ship date (even if you filled out a similar form previously; that form has been eaten by the interwebs).

Blog post on ring designs – 3 pts – Due by Week 12 class (Tu 11/14 or Th 11/16)
Write an individal blog post describing your ring and the design process behind it — including what went wrong and what problems you had to overcome along the way. Include screenshots from Fusion 360, Meshmixer, and Shapeways to illustrate your work. You’ll add more to this blog post later once your printed rings arrive. At final revisions this project will be worth 12 total points. 

Final ring designs – Due by Week 11 class (Tu 11/7 or Th 11/9)
Come to class with a **final** STL file and a 3D print (it might not print well on our machines and that is okay, as long as you are sure it is the design and size you want).

Prototype ring designs – Due by Week 10 class (Tu 10/31 or Th 11/2)
Design and prototype-print a ring in your final design and sizing. Come to class with an STL file and a 3D print (it might not print well on our machines and that is okay, as long as you are sure it is the design and size you want).

Design a base ring shape – Due by Week 9 class (Tu 10/24 or Th 10/26)
Play around with Fusion to figure out what kind of ring design you want to make. Leverage the tools that are available to you in Fusion and be creative, but keep in mind that you’ll get to “decorate” your ring later in Meshmixer. The most efficient thing for you will be if you design and test print your plain base ring before next class, so you can work with it in Meshmixer.

Tinker with Fusion 360 – Due by Week 8 class (Tu 10/17 or Th 10/19)
Design at least five things in Fusion 360, each using different tools in the software.

Post to Thingiverse – 3 pts – Due by Week 7 class (Tu 10/10 or Th 10/12)
Create a “Thing” on Thingiverse for your project, to share your work with the community. Be sure to include: cover/first photo of completed print, 3D-printable STL file, tag “JMU3SPACE”, description of your project, link to your project blog post, and (if applicable) remix credit to any design you used as part of your project. Also put a link to the Thingiverse page for your project at the end of your Tinkercad Design blog post, so that I can easily find it.

Tinkercad Design finishing – Due by Week 6 class (Tu 10/3 or Th 10/5)
Have your final prints ready and with you in class, and make sure your blog post fully documents your entire project design process. Be ready to present in class if called to do so.

Tinkercad Design Iteration – 3 pts – Due by Week 5 class (Tu 9/26 or Th 9/28)
Create two new sections to your blog post: First, one called “First Draft Print” that documents your first draft prints or tests, including a photo, and discuss what you learned from those prints. Second, a section called “Iterating the Design” that documents the progress on your design that you make over the next week, including screenshots from Tinkercad. At final grading the entire Tinkercad Design project will be worth 15 total points.

Tinkercad Design Project – 3 pts – Due before Week 4 class (Tu 9/19 or Th 9/21)
Each group create a new Tinkercad Design Project blog post and complete the sections titled “Group Members” and “First Design Iteration”. Describe what you plan to create, why it is relevant in the context of the project guidelines, and what tools you will use to design it.

Fifty Forms – 3 pts – Due before Week 3 class (Tu 9/12 or Th 9/14)
Create a wide variety of 50 interesting or combination shapes in Tinkercad, and document your work with a blog post. See the Fifty Forms – example post for guidance and requirements.

First Tinkercad print – Due before Week 2 class (Tu 9/5 or Th 9/7)
Use Tinkercad to design something to 3D print next week. Work through the Tinkercad Lessons if you want to learn more tools and techniques. Be ready next class to talk about your design, why it is interesting, what Tinkercad tools you used to make it, and why you think it would successfully 3D print.

Hello post – 3 pts – Due before Week 2 class (Tu 9/5 or Th 9/7)
Write your first post to the class blog using WordPress. The Hello example – Laura/mathgrrl post is an example of what I am looking for, and also includes objectives, requirements, and tips for this assignment.

Accounts – 3 pts – Due before Week 2 class (Tu 9/5 or Th 9/7)
Complete all account signups listed in First Day – Accounts and add your information to the Student Users and Groups spreadsheet.