Spool Ring

For this assignment, I began with the ring design that we made in class based on the ring tutorial. From there I wanted to make the ring have two outer edges, which makes it look similar to a spool. The way in which […]

3D Brain Model

Emily and I decided to make a 3D model of a brain that detaches between the two hemispheres to show the brain’s anatomy. Much of Psychology deals with the brain and how it works to explain human behavior. We wanted to […]

Random Tinkercad Designs

September 12, 2017 David Bogaev

For my first twenty forms (found above), I created several interesting things. 1-5: The first five (1-5) come from the air ballon in the bottom left corner. I took a box and then created a hole as the basket for people. I then took the […]

My name is David Bogaev

September 4, 2017 David Bogaev

Hello! My name is David Bogaev and I am a student in this class. I prefer to be called David, but if you wish you may call me Dave or Bogaev (pronounced Bo-gave). I heard about this class through a friend of mine and was […]