Helmet in OpenSCAD

So for this openScad project I had a real hard time coming up with any ideas for it because the program didn’t make a lot of sense to me, it just didn’t do things in the order I wanted or in a way that I thought it should have. […]

Klingon Ring

So my ring has the klingon symbol from Star Trek on it, that is going to be printed in pink acrylic material. I chose this design because I’m getting back into Star Trek and I wanted a piece of Star Trek themed merch that didn’t […]

50 Forms

September 13, 2017 Stephanie Serage

With these objects I started by trying to create some form of humanoid/structural form then I tried to see how different shapes became holes and found out the star doesn’t make a great hole.    


September 6, 2017 Stephanie Serage

Hello I’m Stephanie Serage, artist, writer, and jokester extraordinare! I’m Taking 16 credit hours and working a job this semester so I hope that 3D printing will be a nice escape from the realities of my day to day. I have several stories for comics […]