Grandma’s Ring

December 11, 2017 NiclasM

In this assignment, I used Fusion 360 to create my Ring. During the fact that this is going to be a present for my grandma, I used the 15,7 mm (size 5) diameter. After creating the ring, I used a tool called “shell” to make […]

Mole Hole Cage

December 5, 2017 NiclasM

Working with OpenSCAD was really fun! During the fact that I’m planning on declaring a CIS minor, where you also have to write codes, I could already practice my skills for later on! To be honest, it did not take me that long to figure […]

Crazy 50 Forms

September 8, 2017 NiclasM

In this week’s assignment we were supposed to create 50 creative forms. I started with creating a chicken with bunny ears. (at least it’s close to be a chicken) First, I chose the chicken’s feet out of the extra section in the drop down menu; […]


September 7, 2017 NiclasM

Hello! My name is Niclas, I’m 21 years old and originally come from Frankfurt, Germany.   I’m on the Men’s Soccer Varsity Team. I’m majoring in Marketing; I’m a Sophomore and usually get called Niclas; but Nick works with me, too! To be honest, I […]