Fifty Forms

September 14, 2017 Alexa Aggen

For my first seven items I made a set of chess pieces. I did this first by finding the little pawn in the Community Shape Generators. I then created the rest based off of this item. The next one I created was the bishop, in […]

Pig Planter & More

September 14, 2017 Sophie Rooks

I decided to just play around with different objects until I could think of something to create. I decided to start with testing different work planes. I used the lesson on Tinkercad to create I dice and then decided to start from scratch on it […]

50 forms

September 14, 2017 Noah Galbreath

This week, my assignment was to create 50 unique forms. I started small and worked my way up to creating some more complicated things, and it was a bit of a learning curve at first but I think I’ve learned a lot about Tinkercad! I […]

Fifty Forms with Tinkercad

September 14, 2017 Kate Penney

I started this project by taking a look around for common objects I could create in Tinkercad. I started by creating a tube of lipstick. I used cylinders to create most of it, a ring to add detail to the tube, and then a wedge […]

Fifty [odd] Forms!

September 13, 2017 Katia Zillic

In this plane, I played around with importing images and the use of shapes as holes in other shapes. In the back, I created some strange crayon looking objects, one box with a cool patterned top, and a six-sided di. I imported an image of […]

50 Forms

September 13, 2017 Joe Ferguson

For the first 12 shapes I played around with the duplication tool and made some very interesting shapes. I also messed around with the amount of sides that certain objects such as the pyramid and the cylinder had. I also rounded the edges on a […]

Fifty Forms!

September 13, 2017 Stephanie Scotto

For the beach chair, I basically collected multiple cubes and put them in place. I aligned the legs and arms of the chair. When making the beach umbrella, I collected two cones and used one for the outside of the umbrella and the other for […]

50 Forms

September 13, 2017 Stephanie Serage

With these objects I started by trying to create some form of humanoid/structural form then I tried to see how different shapes became holes and found out the star doesn’t make a great hole.    

Fifty Things

September 13, 2017 AllisonEJ

 Welcome to me attempting to figure out how to be creative and use the Tinkercad program at the same time as sorority recruitment trying to kill me! I was craving ice cream, so I used some of the basic shapes to build a dripping ice […]

50 Forms

September 13, 2017 David Crouse

For my first 16 objects, I played around with using simple functions like the hole and the parameters in the object’s details window, as well as using the ‘shape generators.’ Next, I imported an android that I found on thingiverse (far left) and gave him […]

Fifty Forms

September 13, 2017 Gwen Han

For my first 5 forms, I decided to play around with a random basic shape and make use of the hole option. I used the half sphere to cut holes into the sphere also using basic shapes. For the first form, I used a cylinder […]

Fifty Forms

September 13, 2017 Daric Clarke

For this week we were assigned to create 50 different designs in TinkerCad. By doing so I got to explore many different techniques and ideas with the program. Forms 1-6 For the first designs I decided to keep it pretty simple and use the basic […]

Dragons and Goats: 50 Forms!

September 13, 2017 Rob Condas

Just messing around here at first. Trying out some shapes from community shape generators and putting them together. The twizzler cone was made by putting a cone shaped hole inside of the shape.   I began with a basic wedge. For the second form […]

Fifty Forms

September 12, 2017 Emily Barrett

  This week, we were tasked with designing fifty forms in the program, TinkerCad. I designed the first 10 in TinkerCad, the next 10 in RhinoCad, and then I went crazy in TinkerCad creating a totally unprintable scene. Forms 1-10 For the first ten forms […]

Random Tinkercad Designs

September 12, 2017 David Bogaev

For my first twenty forms (found above), I created several interesting things. 1-5: The first five (1-5) come from the air ballon in the bottom left corner. I took a box and then created a hole as the basket for people. I then took the […]

Fifty Forms

September 12, 2017 Aaron Ward-Baptiste

For this weeks assignment we were asked to explore Tinkercad, and become more comfortable with the program by creating 50 different designs. In doing this I found some cool ways to manipulate the software and get the design I wanted. While I am still learning […]

Exploring Tinkercad

September 12, 2017 Dyer Pace

  Fifty Forms Forms 1,2,3 This is supposed to be the north pole. I used the spring shape and used colts to intertwine them to give it a twisted feature. Froms, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 I downloaded a reindeer and sleigh from thiniverse, and then connected them to […]

50 Forms

September 12, 2017 Kevin Hagan

Fifty Forms For my beginning stages of trying to catch the hang of this system, I just chose a polygon and began testing a few different things. As you can see I increased size, sides, height, and turned the shape in this first image. I […]

Fifty Forms

September 12, 2017 Sophia DeLucca

For my first design I played with a few different tools. I inserted three images onto the platform. Dragged the yellow image above the red square to bring the triangle up to the top. Inserted part of the purple rectangle into the red square to […]

Getting to Know Tinkercad

September 12, 2017 Abby Tebbenhoff

Form 1, 2, 3 For the first form I used the multi shape, duplicated it and made the duplicate smaller. I made the smaller one a hole to make the planter. For the second I used the mustache shape to create the succulent. I used […]

Fifty Forms

September 12, 2017 Austin Purritano

My first four forms I used a polygon and changed the number of points to 5. I then stretched out a star to a hole in the polygon. Next I used the letters to spell out my initials. I copied and pasted these initials on […]

How Many Things Can I Make in Tinkercad

September 12, 2017 Aaron Acosta

This week we were assigned to create 50 forms/ figures using Tinkercad.  For forms 1-6, I kept it pretty simple. I used 6 different shapes from the basic shapes category, and I modifided them using their different settings. I  changed things such as number of […]

My favorite 50 forms

September 12, 2017 Imana Casero

For this week assignment we were supposed to come up with 50 figures designed by ourselves in Tinkercad. I´ve divided my project in three different designs that I will show up right now.             In the first design I’ve worked […]

My Fifity Things

September 11, 2017 Emily Vaught

Fifty Things For this weeks assignment, I used Tinkercad to create fifty different forms. I first started by altering a star from the Basic Shape menu. I altered the star by changing how many points it obtained and also changed its height. On the star […]

Fifty Forms

September 11, 2017 TJ Bush

1st Form The first  design that I created was a missile. I just used simple shapes and placed and grouped them together until I had the form I wanted. Forms 2-4 The first shape in this series is the original shape which is just a […]

Fifty Forms- Allie Sure

September 11, 2017 Allie Sure

For this week assignment, I came up with fifty different shapes using different tools in Thinkercad. To start off, I used basic shapes that I edited with the edit box. For the element in line, I switched the radius, bevel, segments and thickness levels. For the […]

Crazy 50 Forms

September 8, 2017 NiclasM

In this week’s assignment we were supposed to create 50 creative forms. I started with creating a chicken with bunny ears. (at least it’s close to be a chicken) First, I chose the chicken’s feet out of the extra section in the drop down menu; […]

Fifty Forms – example

September 5, 2017 mathgrrl

This week you’ll make Fifty Forms and document them in a blog post. Here are some examples that would together count as eleven things: First, four forms based on the Paraboloid from the Basic Shapes menu: the first is the regular shape; the second has […]