Week 14 – OpenSCAD Presentations

December 5, 2017 mathgrrl

Show and Tell Any remaining rings to show off? How did you level up your OpenSCAD code from last week? Course Evaluations In the last 15 minutes of class we’ll do a set of official Course Evaluations. Later this week I’ll also have some Surveys […]

Week 13 – Level up

November 28, 2017 mathgrrl

Welcome back! Today we’ll talk about taking your OpenSCAD and Fusion 360 projects to the next level. First: Rings! Come up to the front and show off what you got back from Shapeways. What are your next steps? Are you going to iterate your design […]

Week 12 – OpenSCAD!

November 14, 2017 mathgrrl

// Cleanup // Any problems with your ring orders? Anything about Shapeways that needs discussing? I have now added a “Fusion 360 Ring” category to WordPress. Please tag your ring posts with this category *right now* so you don’t forget. There was a problem with […]

Week 11 – 3D Printing in Nylon and Metals

November 7, 2017 mathgrrl

Today everyone will order copies of their ring designs from Shapeways! You can order a metal ring or you can order an inexpensive SLS Nylon ring for under $10 including shipping. If you need financial assistance please see me outside of class. Step 1: Upload […]

Week 9 – Patterning Rings with Meshmixer

October 24, 2017 mathgrrl

// Roundup // By today’s class you should have an STL file of a “blank” ring that you have printed a prototype of so that it fits you, designed in Fusion 360. // Today // This week we’ll continue with theĀ Fusion/Meshmixer Stamp Ring Project, and […]

Week 8 – Basic Ring in Fusion

October 17, 2017 mathgrrl

How did the tutorials go? What did you make for your five things in Fusion? When we’re all ready, we’ll start this design walkthrough together: Fusion/Meshmixer Stamp Ring Project I’ll write some homework on the Assignments page before the end of class, depending on how […]

Week 6 – Tinkercad Design Presentations

October 3, 2017 mathgrrl

Today you will present your Tinkercad projects! First, 10 minutes to iron some things out: If you’ve got more than one blog post for this project, combine the posts now. You should have just one post, with multiple sections. Get your prints together to show […]

Week 5 – Keep going…

September 26, 2017 mathgrrl

Keep working on your Tinkercad Design Projects Send prints to the printers as needed (must finish by end of class today) Each group show me your “Iterating the Design” section and talk to me about what you’ve accomplished since the end of last week’s class […]

Week 4 – Iterate Tinkercad project

September 19, 2017 mathgrrl

// Roundup // Last week you started groupĀ Tinkercad Design Projects. This week you’ll do test prints and iterate those projects. Our timeline goals are that Week 5 will involve more iteration and final prints, and then we’ll have final presentations for this project in Week […]

Week 3 – Tinkercad Design Project

September 12, 2017 mathgrrl

// Roundup // According to the Assignments page, by this week’s class you should have completed your Fifty Forms blog post, and should now have a good sense the many design tools available to you in Tinkercad. This week you’ll start working with a partner […]

Week 2 – First Prints

September 5, 2017 mathgrrl

// Roundup // Last week we printed Penny Traps and talked briefly about 3D printing and design. Everyone signed up for Accounts with Google, WordPress, Thingiverse, and Tinkercad, created a “Hello post“, and started working on a Tinkercad project. If you’re new to the class […]

First Day – Accounts

August 23, 2017 mathgrrl

Hello and welcome to ISCI 104! There are four online services that we will use regularly in this class: Google, WordPress, Thingiverse, and Tinkercad. This post will help you create accounts for all of these services. Whenever you log into an account in the 3SPACE […]

First Day – Penny Trap

August 22, 2017 mathgrrl

Our first-day 3D print will be a Penny Trap. This modelĀ is a good illustration of a design that is possible with 3D-printing but would be impossible with standard subtractive manufacturing methods such as milling. How does the penny get inside? The answer is that we’ll […]