Kara Norman Portfolio


Hi my name is Kara Norman! I’m from Winchester, Virginia and I’m a sophomore Psychology major with two minors in Family Studies and Special Education. In my free time I enjoy running and hanging out with friends. At home, I work at a retirement home as a waitress. I also enjoy working with children with special needs. My hope is that one day I will be able to work with people with disabilities.

I have no 3d printing experience at all. I’ve always heard how fascinated people were with art of it and I wanted to try it. I’ve never had a lot of experience with this type of technology, but I’m excited to try it. I’m hoping I will learn a lot along the way of this class!


Thingiverse Model

Designer: ponypal918

Title: Sunflower Pendant


I chose this model because sunflowers are my favorite type of flower. I’ve always been attracted to flowers and nature and I feel like this is a really simple, cute design.


Thingiverse Print

I think my creation was a success. I chose a simple design for my first creation in order to get more comfortable with the 3d printer. It was smaller and didn’t take long to complete. I really like how simple and clean it turned out. I hope I can start to take more chances with my designs as time goes on!


20 Forms in Tinkercad

10 points, due by noon on Tuesday 1/15

First Screenshot 

  • Kara writing: I used the text tool found under basic shapes and changed the font, color, and height.
  • Star: I used the star under basic shapes and played with the dimensions.
  • Green cones: I merged two cones together and made one wider than the other.
  • Ice cream cone: I chose the ice cream cone under tools and made the cone transparent.
  • Cube and cylinder: I made a hole through the cube for the cylinder to go through.
  • Butterfly: I played around with the butterfly’s wings dimensions and made the wings raised.
  • Snowflake: I changed the stem and thickness of the snowflake
  • K shape: I turned the angle to rotate the K on its side.

Second Screenshot

  • Pink Hearts: I merged the pink hearts and used the ruler to align them.
  • Virginia: I inserted the Virginia state and made the dimensions smaller.
  • Star: I changed the amount of points to 16.
  • Cube: I put a hole in the cube and rotated the ring to place it in the middle.
  • Glasses:I extended the legs of the glasses and rotated the glasses upwards.
  • XOXO: I used the scribble feature to write out xoxo and changed the color.
  • Skeleton: I found the skeleton under printable kits, which was fit to scale on the Workplane.
  • LOVE: I used letters to spell out love and color coded certain letters.

Third Screenshot

  • Hello: I used the text option and rounded the word hello.
  • Spiral: I added another spiral on top of the other spiral shape.
  • Black cat: I downloaded the black cat from thingiverse and uploaded the STL file. This was one of my more challenging tools I figured out how to use and I’m so glad I ended up figuring it out! It’s exciting to know you can upload images from things you want to design to place them on your Workplane.
  • Cylinder duplicate: I used the control D setting to duplicate the orange cylinder I inserted which lined the shapes up neatly.I added four of these cylinders to the Tinkercad design. I’m glad I figured out this tool as well in order to make a cleaner design with the shapes being the exact same size.

Tinkercad Print

Today, I printed these two heart designs. I would say for the most part it was a success, however they were meant to be grouped together but I think I moved the hearts by accident when downloading the files to the SD card. Next time I need to double check before printing to make sure the design is exactly what I want. Overall, I really like the two little hearts to carry around with me.

Summary of Group Tinkercad Project

10 points, due by noon on Tuesday 1/29

Title: Psychology Decor

Partner: Alexis Bieltz


Psychology Decor


This project allowed the both of us to create something that represented our passion. We didn’t have an easy time with this project and the design, however I think it both taught us that with 3d printing, you have to keep trying. We were really pleased with how the design ended up turning out after our first draft didn’t go as planned. If we could do it again, we would make the model bigger. However, we were happy to bring our majors together and create something unique and different.

20 Forms in Fusion 360

10 points, due by noon on Thurdsay 1/31


First screenshot

  • Torus: I used the torus midpoint tool to correctly find the middle of the shape and align it.
  • Hi: I played around with the sketch text box and wrote the word hi
  • Pipe: I created a sketch line used the pipe tool
  • Box: I created a box and used the draft tool to reshape it
  • Box with blue axis line: I used the axis through two planes tool.

Second Screenshot

  • Rectangle figure: I sketched a rectangle, extruded it, and cut a half shape out of it
  • Torus ring: I changed the metal and color finish to make it pink and red
  • Cylinder: I used the thread tool to add texture
  • Circle: I sketched a circle and used the offset plane tool
  • Box: I created a box and used the shell tool

Third Screenshot

  • Cylinder: Created a cylinder and used the tangent plane tool
  • Rectangular shape: I took my sketch and used the filet tool
  • Sphere: I used the sphere shape and used the zebra print/ analysis
  • Square: I drilled a whole with a circle and changed the print
  • Small picture: I inserted a small picture I took as a background canvas using the sculpt setting

Fourth Screenshot

  • Donut: I sketched a circle and extruded it to adjust the thickness
  • Sphere: I placed a sphere on top of a rectangle
  • Cylinder: I used the cylinder took and put a hole through the middle
  • Cube: I sketched a rectangle and extruded it into a cube
  • Coil: I used the coil tool and unraveled it to make one loop

Fusion 360 Print

10 points, due by noon on Tuesday 2/5

I think this print was a success. The print was extremely simple and isn’t the most interesting thing. However, getting used to Fusion360 is still becoming a process. I drilled a hole through a cube and there were not any complications during the print. I feel like the hole is not centered in the middle, but regardless I am glad I was at least able to figure it out.

Fusion 360 Vase Design

10 points, due by noon on Thursday 2/7


I first started off using the circle and ellipse shapes  used in the tutorial to try to figure out how to loft the two profiles. Once I designed my circle and used my offset plane, I used the scribble tool to design the shape how I wanted to. I then played around with the line tool to try to align the vase and make it look thinner how I wanted to. I wanted the vase to look kind of like an ice cream cone so it would be more challenging to print. I eventually lofted the two shapes together to create my vase. My vase goes beyond the basic video because I didn’t just use basic shapes, but I played around with the line and scribble tool a lot more in depth to make something challenging to print.

Fusion 360 Vase Prints

10 points, due by noon on Thursday 2/7


I think my vase is a little bit of a mix between a failure and success. I really liked how the shape turned out, but the base was not strong enough to hold up the vase standing up. I tried to edit this in my final project but the thicker base broke off. For the most part, it printed successfully standing up and there were minimal failures, I knew this shape was going to have a harder time printing. Overall, I’m really pleased for how the print turned out for the most part. Fusion 360 was really overwhelming but I’m glad I was even able to create something to print.


20 Forms in OpenSCAD

10 points, due by noon on Tuesday 2/12

First Screenshot

  • Cylinder: I used the basic shape of the cylinder and altered the top to make a point
  • Cube: I coded the cube and changed the dimensions to 32 mm
  • Sphere: I attached the sphere to the cube using the translate code
  • Rectangle: I changed the dimensions of the cube and rotated it to put on top of the sphere 

Second Screenshot

  • Donut Shape: I imported the code off the wiki how manual and changed the number of points in the loop

Third Screenshot

  • Square: I coded square and wrote “false altered” to get it in a certain position in the work plane
  • Circle: I used the circle as the base and altered the radius
  • Cylinder: I coded the cylinder and altered the dimension to make it shorter and wider, I also changed the color
  • Blue attached cylinder: I translated the smaller cylinder and rotated in on top of the bigger one to make it attached
  • Green Sphere: I translated the sphere to go on the side of the work plane to not be attached to the other items. I also changed the color to green.

Fourth Screenshot

  • Yellow Polygon Bowl: I used the polygon code from class and changed the rim, thickness, height, body twist, and body flare
  • Box: I inserted the basic box and translated a sphere to fit inside of the box
  • Small sphere: I altered the sphere to be extremely small and translated it to extrude from the box, I learned this from Patrick Conner’s video
  • Cylinder: I rotated the cylinder to attach it to the black box
  • Octagon: I used the circle tool and altered the amount of sides for it to have 8

Fifth Screenshot

  • Orange shape: I used the Minkowski code to morph the shape together to make a unique object.
  • Small Yellow Sphere: I followed Patrick Conner’s tutorial on how to make a train. I used the hull tool to create the small yellow point on the train
  • Cylinder: I rotated the cylinder and translated it to attach to the pink box, I also changed the color to teal
  • Pink Box: I used the Minkowski and hull tool and altered the dimensions
  • Roof: I altered the color and points of the roof and rotated it to extrude from the box.

OpenSCAD Print

10 points, due by noon on Thursday 2/14

I think this print was a success. I decided to print this simple ring because I liked the texture and look of it. I coded it from the openscad cheat sheet. It was a simple code, but I like the shape it created. I think it was a success for my first time printing from openscad.

Summary of Group OpenSCAD Project

Project name: OpenScad Princess Castle

Partner name: Alexis Bieltz 

OpenSCAD Princess Castle Project


Alexis and I decided to make this castle for our final project because we thought it was unique and thought it could easily be customizable. We also thought it would be a challenge to code (and we were right). Overall, we ended up being really pleased with all of our models and how they turned out. They turned out very clean with minimal problems. We are also really glad we added the door because it really reflects that the model is a castle. We feel really happy after the trial and errors of coding that everything turned out they way we wanted to!

Reflections and Future Projects

Looking back at this course, I realized there are a lot of things I have created and learned. From the first day making a penny trap, to the transformation of coding I can say I have come a long way. I had no experience or creativity coming into this class, and I was pretty nervous on the first day. I made simple things in the beginning such as basic shapes and designs like hearts, sunflowers, and cats. I then worked my way to making a brain with a psychology platform to support it. After that, I ended up learning how to make a vase in Fusion 360, and then finally coding a castle my partner and I designed. Although it was challenging at times, looking back I am so proud of how far I have come.

I would love to continue to use these skills one day.  I would love to make plants, flowers, and home decor. I also think 3d printing is a valuable skill to have in the workplace. My mom is an elementary school principal and she told me they now have a 3d printing lab and she wants me to show her how to use it! I believe 3d printing will be involved in teaching if it continues to grow. Since I want to work in a school system, I think it would be really awesome for me to teach people and kids how to 3d print, I know everyone would love it!