Tues 3/19 – Starting the Tinkercad Group Projects

Start Prints!

  • Get your prints started; remember you only have until the end of the class period today (or you can print them later)

Group Brainstorms

  • Choose a partner to work with on this project; it must be someone you can work with outside of class as needed, either online or in person
  • Brainstorm a project that goes beyond your current abilities and that is interesting, relevant, and is suited for 3D printing
  • (Please no pencil cups, nametags, keychains, simple containers, or anything you could just get at the Dollar Store; avoid large rectangular flat things; also no weapons, shot glasses, etc)
  • Pitch your project to Professor Taalman when you are ready

Project Planning

  • Set up your new Group Tinkercad Project post on WordPress and try to set up shared authorship
  • Note that you can share a Tinkercad design with someone else, and you can both work on the same design simultaneously!
  • Start planning your design, printing, and documentation strategies and how you will work together to make the homework deadlines


  • See the Calendar and the Tinkercad Project Outline for homework details details
  • Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns – be sure to include “ISCI 104” in the subject line please