Bottle Opener

Initial Design Idea

Our group is Jackson McKean and Gannon La Croix.  The print that we intend to create is a bottle opener with a coin in the middle to act as the opening mechanism.  We know that the print itself is probably not strong enough to open a bottle on its own, and that is why we added the coin in, to have a stronger material for leverage while opening a bottle.  For this print, we will have to figure out to print very precisely, so that our final print will work as a real bottle opener.

We plan our print to look something similar to this.

Design Iteration

  • We planned on changing the hole sizes, but the organization of the holes was very difficult to design. 

First Draft Print

  • The print failed in an aesthetic sense, but it seems like it will be durable enough to open a bottle. The penny hole fits a penny, and the other holes are to scale.

Additional Design Iteration

  • We had to change the design to have more curved edges for a more aesthetic feel. We also added in grip marks for fingers to fit.  We also adjusted the positioning of the holes to make them more centered, which will give us a much better look for our final print.  It seems like for the most part, this print will work well, and the one problem that we could face is that it may not be strong enough to actually open a bottle.

Final Print

  • This final print looks a lot nicer than the prototype. The penny fits and stays in the hole, and the model is durable. One drawback however, is that the finger markings are purely aesthetic and serve no functional purpose.  Unfortunately, although the opener printed out correctly, it was not strong enough to actually open a bottle.  When we tried, the edges of the penny hole cracked, so we are going to try and use more infill to make for a stronger final product that actually works the way it is supposed to.
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