Honeycomb Personalized Keyholder

Initial Design Idea

Kelly Festa and Gabby Dermody. We chose to create a honeycomb personalized key holder because we thought this would be an interesting and visually pleasing form to create, and we wanted to personalize it to make it something significant and personal to us that you wouldn’t be able to buy. We looked around on Thingiverse for some inspiration and found this model that we really liked, we wanted to do something like it but make it more honeycomb shaped. From the start, we both have played around with forms and shapes on tinkercad, which allows us to be more comfortable with the software. We will have to learn how to combine all the shapes seamlessly to make our project look good, and a specific challenge we’ve encountered is trying to figure out how to attach it to the wall so it hangs, and how we will attach a key ring shape to actually hang the keys. We plan to learn how to do this by becoming even more familiar with tinkercad through playing around with the tools more as well as watching tutorials.

Design Iteration

Our design actually turned out surprisingly well. We had to change the size of the hooks because they were not long enough to hold a key chain or anything larger than a simple key ring. We also had to change the size of the hook to attach it to the wall with because it was too small to actually go around something on the wall. Besides that, our design turned out much better than we expected.

First Draft Print

Our print mostly succeeded, there were a few things we needed to change about the design to make it more functional but overall, it turned out much better than expected. We added a raft when printing which was extremely difficult to remove without breaking the keyholder so that it something we will change next time we print again. This draft print made us much more confident in our skills because we were expecting it to fail in one or more parts while actually being printed.

Additional Design Iteration

Fortunately, we only had to change a few aspects of our project. We had to change the size of each individual key hook so that it could actually hold keys. We also had to change the size of the wall hook so that a nail would fit through the hole. It is difficult to see in the screenshot but each key hook was lengthened. The wall hook was made overall larger. We also rearranged the hooks to make it easier for the keys to hang and made our design slightly larger.

Final Print

For our final print, we are very content with how it turned out. The adjustments which we made were just right in order to hold keys and hang it to the wall. We ended up making the overall design a little larger as well, which we think we be more beneficial and practical. However, in doing so, we did not fully line up some of the hexagons, causing a little gap in between some. That was our projects only weakness. Overall, we are very happy with how our design turned out. It was extremely cool seeing something we designed become a successful print. We are excited to put them to use.