HSA Logo

Initial Design Idea

Ella Alvis and Chesley Hayward

We chose this 3D model because we are both Health Services Administration majors. We find it unique because there’s nowhere you could potentially purchase this item. We figured it would be a cool thing to put on our desk or elsewhere in our room as a daily reminder of what lies ahead for us in the future. We decided to use the heart rate line that you would find on a monitor in any hospital room. We think that’s a good centralized health-related symbol that will hold up our print as well as our breathing 🙂

We brought a positive mindset as well as a willingness to learn throughout trial and error. We have acquired the basic skills to complete a successful 3D print. We are excited to see how this logo will turn out.

We will learn to work together as not only roommates but as teammates. Furthermore, we will need to learn how to create sharp and distinctive lines for the heartbeat so the structure is balanced and able to stand on its own. Also, we will learn how to effectively use the align tool in Tinkercad.

Design Iteration

In order to make our print more appealing, we raised the heartbeat line more towards the center of the HSA. Secondly, we decided to extend the right dip in the heartbeat line so both of the lowest points of the print are equal so it can stand up evenly! We attached an image of our next draft of the new heartbeat line with even base points.

First Draft Print

We think our design definitely succeeded and we both think it looks awesome! However, there is room for improvement. Ella showed Chesley the best way to use the “align” tool that made the “HSA” even and level. A thing we plan on merging the “heartbeat” line more towards the center.

Additional Design Iteration

One aspect of our print we decided to change was the heart beat that runs through the HSA letters. Originally, the heart beat was uneven, so the print was not able to stand up straight. We leveled the two downward points of the heart beat in order to make the print level. Secondly, we centered the heart beat so that it was in the middle of the letters. Previously, the heart beat was aligned with the back of the letters. This minor improvement also allowed the print to stand up easily by itself without tilting forward.

Final Print

Overall, our print turned out to be a great success. The model stands up on its own and would be the perfect desk decoration to symbolize our passion for our future careers. We had very little difficulty with the whole printing process because our model doesn’t really have any intricate details. One weakness from our final print is that it was pretty fragile. We had to be extra careful when extracting the support off the back of the print in order to avoid breaking it in half.