Customizable Soap Tray

February 12, 2019 JMcKean

Initial Design Idea For our openSCAD project, we are going to create a customizable soap tray.  We want to design this because it is very practical and can be used everyday in homes everywhere.  As we start this project, we have the basic knowledge that […]

Chesley and Ella Name Plate

February 12, 2019 EllaA

Initial Design Idea The 3D model we plan to create is a customizable nameplate. We chose this idea because we thought it was a relatively simple concept that we could be really creative with. The nameplate we would create would be a prism shape that […]

Customizable Ring

Initial Design Idea We are designing a twisted ring.  It will be customizable in both the ring size as well as how many twists the ring will have.  We both wear a lot of rings and thought it would be really cool to be able […]

OpenSCAD Project: Desk Accessory

February 12, 2019 WAung

Initial Design Idea We plan to create a Super Mario themed desk accessory that has a customizable nameplate and pencil holder where one could change the format and design of the actual product. There will three different objects on the nameplate with the tube from […]

Customizable Picture Frame

Initial Design Idea For our project, we want to create a customizable picture frame because we think it would be a fun, challenging project that we can use to hold our favorite memories. Maggie has knowledge of the Python coding language and found some similarities […]

Customizable Jewelry Box

February 12, 2019 KFesta

Initial Design Idea For this project, we plan to create a customizable jewelry box. How we plan to make it customizable, is going to be through the different inserts/dividers which you will be able to choose and print. We plan to have different sized sections, […]