Customizable Picture Frame

Initial Design Idea

For our project, we want to create a customizable picture frame because we think it would be a fun, challenging project that we can use to hold our favorite memories. Maggie has knowledge of the Python coding language and found some similarities between openSCAD and Python. Bailey is new to coding but is a quick learner and understands what she has done so far. We both need to learn how to figure out what to do specifically to make objects on the frame customizable, and how to make it so they stay within the border of the frame. This project is definitely going to be challenging but with time and patience and a little bit of research I think we cam figure it out.

Design Iteration

module frame( height, width, border, overlap, back )
cube( [ height+2*(border-overlap), width+2*(border-overlap), back ], true );
cube( [ height+2*(-overlap), width+2*(-overlap), back+2 ], true );

/////flower big




import( "/Users/3space/Downloads/flower2.stl");







import( "/Users/3space/Downloads/heart.stl");

This code we used is from ‘Jinja’ titled ‘Customizable Fridge Magnet Picture Frame. The part of the code we inserted is to make the frame and the overlapped frame shown in the picture. One thing we had to change about the design is how we are going to customize it. We decided to add shapes based off of seasons to make the frame customizable. This will be shown in the first draft print. Another thing we want to change is the size of the hole for the magnet to fit the magnets we have in the 3Space classroom.

First Draft Print

Our print came out very successfully and as you can see from the design picture above, we added the extra shapes that will make the frame customizable. We learned that trying to create our own picture frame is fairly difficult considering we don’t have a lot of experience with OpenSCAD, so that is why we decided to use and reference someone else’s code. We like the idea of the magnetized picture frame because it will use less plastic when we print our final three models. We changed/modified the code so the seasonal figures will be added and we want to change the size of the magnet hole to fit the magnets we have in the classroom.

Thingiverse Customizer

10 points, due by noon on Thursday 2/21

  • copy part of your code here and describe how it works with the Customizer
  • which parameters will you let users modify or not, and in what ranges?
  • include a screenshot of your model in use in the Thingiverse Customizer
  • upload code and demo model and image to Thingiverse and enable Customizer
  • add JMU3SPACE tag and link both ways between Thingiverse and this post

Final Prints

10 points, due by noon on Thursday 2/21

  • print three final customized versions of your model
  • include photos of your final prints and describe the parameters used for each
  • discuss these final prints and their strengths and weaknesses
  • change the Featured Image for this post to your photo of final print(s)