OpenSCAD Project: Desk Accessory

Initial Design Idea

  • We plan to create a Super Mario themed desk accessory that has a customizable nameplate and pencil holder where one could change the format and design of the actual product. There will three different objects on the nameplate with the tube from Mario being one of them (to hold the pencils, pens, rulers, etc.) then a pencil or pen holder on the other side. In the middle there will be a decorative pixel Mario from the original game.
  • In all honesty, when it comes to coding, there is not a great deal of knowledge from either of us, but we do want to learn about more complex coding on OpenSCAD. We do have some knowledge about the Mario games as well.
  • We will have to get more familiar with the code provided to us by the professor considering it is well past our knowledge of coding, but we are confident we will accomplish the task. The randomized code seems tough for now, but as we tinker with it over time and change the numbers to see how exactly it works, it should be easy from there.

Design Iteration

  • The model above is the first draft of our model. The left part of the desk accessory is random and the blue block will change every-time we press F5.
  • The following code below is for the slope where we will insert our name. There is no function for the triangle therefore we have to create by using the module. After creating the prism with code, we have to translate the prism to the end of the rectangle therefore both of them were together. As the rectangle has the length of 100 of width of 38, the following picture shows why our translate is -19 and -50. (The purple block is in the center)

  • The code below is to create the bowl in the middle, where we can put our pen and pencils. We can change the width, the height of the bowl.

  • The code below is for the right side of the accessory. We can slightly change the height and the location of those block.

First Draft Print

  • We printed our desk accessory relatively small and it printed successfully. We still need to add the name and the cartoon character on our desk accessory.
  • I think it will be better to increase the height of the bowl in the middle. The slope where to put our name where relatively good enough.
  • The model still need to have some additional iterations and we will find out more in our final print.

Thingiverse Customizer

10 points, due by noon on Thursday 2/21

  • copy part of your code here and describe how it works with the Customizer
  • which parameters will you let users modify or not, and in what ranges?
  • include a screenshot of your model in use in the Thingiverse Customizer
  • upload code and demo model and image to Thingiverse and enable Customizer
  • add JMU3SPACE tag and link both ways between Thingiverse and this post

Final Prints

10 points, due by noon on Thursday 2/21

  • print three final customized versions of your model
  • include photos of your final prints and describe the parameters used for each
  • discuss these final prints and their strengths and weaknesses
  • change the Featured Image for this post to your photo of final print(s)