Thurs 3/28 – Starting Fusion 360

March 28, 2019 mathgrrl

Note:  If you have something little you want to print today, go ahead and get that started 🙂  Get a Fusion 360 account Fusion 360 is already on the desktop computers in 3SPACE. You can log into Fusion 360 with your Autodesk email and password […]

Tinkercad Project Outline

Initial Design Idea Emma Feimer and Brooke Chaco. We have decided to create a plane. We thought this would be a good model because we both love to travel and thought that this would be something that would challenge us in tinkercad. From the start, […]

Kara and Nina’s Design

Initial Design Idea Nina Coughlin and Kara Hines We plan on making an iPhone speaker. The speaker will have an area for a cellphone to be held up so music can be projected through the design. Our team has beginner level 3D printing skills, but […]

Jonathan Cheslock’s Portfolio

March 18, 2019 Chez

Hello My name is Jonathan Cheslock.  I am from Long Island, New York.  I am currently a senior Accounting major here at JMU.  I am pursuing my MSA Graduate degree this upcoming fall.  I enjoy playing basketball with my friends. My goal for this class […]

Jason McAvoy Portfolio

March 14, 2019 JMcAvoy

Hello My name is Jason McAvoy. I am a 21 year old senior at James Madison University, getting ready to graduate in May 2019. My major is Sports and Recreation Management, and right now I am spending a good amount of my free time applying […]

Emma Feimer Portfolio

March 13, 2019 EFiemer

Hello Hi, I’m Emma Feimer, I am 19 years old and from Long Island, New York. I am Currently a sophomore communications major with a concentration in public relations. I am the youngest of three, and my older brothers are twins, and I have two […]

Austin Lam Portfolio

March 12, 2019 ALam

Hello Hi, my name is Austin. Computer Science is my major with a minor in both Mathematics and Computer Information Systems. I also am a Teacher Assistant for Computer Science. During my free time, I will most likely be lifting at UREC, playing intramural sports, […]

Hannah Wilton-Jones Portfolio

Hello Hey, I am Hannah Wilton-Jones and I am from Alexandria, Virginia. I’m a sophomore accounting major and I am thinking about also minoring in computer information systems.  In my free time I enjoy reading, hanging out with my family, loving on my dogs, going […]

Kara Hines Portfolio

March 12, 2019 KHines

Hello Hey I’m Kara, I’m from Richmond, Virginia. I am a sophomore marketing major. I have five siblings and I am the second oldest. I’m really close with my older sister who goes to Virginia Tech. I love hanging out with my friends and going […]

Bella Taylor Portfolio

March 12, 2019 BTaylor

Hello Hi, I’m Bella Taylor I am 19 years old from Currituck, North Carolina which is right outside of the Outer Banks. I am a sophomore Business Marketing major. During my free time, I’ll be online shopping for clothes I can’t afford, eating, or sleeping. […]

Ashley Boylan Portfolio

March 12, 2019 ABoylan

Hello Hello! I’m Ashley Boylan, and I’m from Leesburg, Virginia. I’m currently studying mathematics to become a high school math teacher. I love being around students and watching them realize they can be successful. I have 2 younger siblings – a 14 year old brother […]

Adrian Michel Portfolio

March 12, 2019 AMichel

Hello My name is Adrian Michel and I am a Business Management Major with a minor in Computer Information System. I am the first person in my family to attend college figuring out life one step at a time so that it may be a […]

Christina Portfolio

March 12, 2019 CRa

Hello Hello, my name is Christina Ra and I am a junior majoring in Graphic Design. I grew up in Northern Virginia but briefly went to Korea my last year in high school. I have two sisters, one younger and one older, and my youngest […]