Cassie DiPierdomenico’s Portfolio


Hey! My name is Cassie DiPierdomenico, I’m 20 years old and I live on Long Island, NY. I am a sophomore here as an accounting major. I have one older brother who is 25 and a pet dog named Romeo! I danced for 16 years and competitively danced for 8 years. Dance was a huge part of my life so I wanted to continue it in college. I joined Madison Dance my second semester freshman year. In my free time I love just hanging out with my friends. Summer is definitely my favorite season and I am biased towards Long Island being the best place to spend summer.

As for my 3D printing experience, I don’t have any but I am very excited to learn more about it in this class. I was very intrigued in the penny trap we did in class and I’m excited to see what else we’ll be making. My goals are just to do my best and excel in this class.

Thingiverse Model

  • Tortoise Keychain / Smartphone Stand by Shira
  • I thought the smartphone stand was a good idea when we saw it in class and when I searched it I thought this little turtle one was so cute.

Thingiverse Print

10 points, due by noon on Tuesday 3/19

  • Nothing went wrong with this print luckily! I used the Ultimaker 3 to make this print.  I really love how it turned out my phone fits perfectly and I already have been using it. I’m happy that I decided to pick this print because it is very useful and it looks so cute. If I miss dance one night we send videos of what we did that day and using this print helps me watch the videos and make it easier for me to learn the dance. My roommates have been asking to use my print as well to watch videos on their phone.

20 Forms in Tinkercad



  • Egg- For easter, Pulled from shapes
  • Box- for earrings, Pulled from shapes
  • New York- Im from Long Island, pulled from shapes
  • Heart with R- Tag for my dog Romeo, pulled from shapes
  • Madison Dance- I’m on Madison dance, pulled from shapes
  • Star- pulled from shapes
  • Snowflake- pulled from shapes
  • JMU- grouped together, pulled from shapes
  • Ice cream- reminds me of summer, pulled from shapes
  • Skull-pulled from shapes
  • Red Man- pulled from shapes
  • Bowl- for change, pulled from shapes
  • sunflower- also reminds me of summer, pulled from shapes
  • snorkle- reminds me of vacation, pulled from shapes
  • butterfly- I always loved butterflies, pulled from shapes
  • twist ring- pulled from shapes
  • pacman- I grew up playing this with my parents, pulled from shapes
  • tree-pulled from shapes
  • mustache-pulled from shapes
  • Cinquefoil- pulled from shapes

Tinkercad Print


  • There weren’t any failures with this print. I’m from Long Island, New York so thats why I chose to print this. I was happy with the way it turned out. I do wish though I made it into a key chain so I could use it. This was just something fun to make that represented me but I wish I had made it into something I could use.

Summary of Group Tinkercad Project

  • Iphone speaker, isabella taylor and John daka.
  • I really enjoyed making this speaker because I was so excited to see if it would actually work. It amplified sounds little bit and I was impressed. I think if we made it the tubes bigger and added  cones on top of the tubes we would make music louder when we put our phones in. Maybe on my own time I can try it out.

20 Forms in Fusion 360


  • 1. I draged sphere from shapes
  • 2. I joined a box and cylinder together and it made a hole on top
  • 3. I dragged the Torus from shapes
  • 4. I dragged the coil from shapes
  • 5. I created a cylinder with a thread around it
  • 6. I created a box with a cylinder on top and a torus on top of the cylinder to give that indent on it.
  • 7. I clicked bottle on add ins
  • 8. I clicked bolt and changed up the dimensions on it from add ins
  • 9. I created a sphere with another sphere indenting it
  • 10. I created a cylinder with a thread around it and a hole in the middle.
  • 11. I created a box with another box to make a hole in a box form.
  • 12. I created a cylinder with a sphere on top to indent the top with a round bottom.
  • 13. I made a piggy bank in the shape of a box
  • 14. I made Swiss cheese using loft and and cylinders to make holes in the box.
  • 15. I made a sphere with a hole to make a bracelet or necklace.
  • 16. I made a box and lofted it with an indent from a sphere
  • 17. I made a torus with a sphere inside.
  • 18. I made a box and lofted it.
  • 19. I made a cylinder with another cylinder on it and then put a sphere on top to indent it.
  • 20. I made a cylinder with a hole and torus on it.
  • 21. I made a box with another box lofted on top of it.

Fusion 360 Print


  • There were no failures with this print! It came out just the way it looked on fusion. I chose this shape because I wanted to see what the indent from the torus would look like. I think this print it just something fun to make. I can’t use this but I enjoyed learning how to make objects on fusion, and using something different than tinkercad.

Fusion 360 Vase Design


  • I first started out by making a sketch of a circle and adding two off planes to it. Each off plane was 50 mm apart. After that I added splines to the two off planes. When I was done with the splines I lofted the vase from bottom to top (Profile 1, Profile 2, Profile 3). Then finally, I changed the Profile 3 from connected to direction to make it more complex.
  • I believe my final design goes beyond the basic design in the video because I didn’t follow his spline. I designed my own to make it different then the one he did in his video.

Fusion 360 Vase Prints


  • There weren’t any failures for this print. I think I could’ve made my final print bigger. I’m happy with the way it turned out. When I was first printing it I thought my vase wasn’t going to be open in the middle and just be a solid object. Luckily it didn’t turn out that way. I think this was a cool print to do and learning how to make it on fusion helped me learn more about the tools on fusion.

20 Forms in OpenSCAD


  • A simple square
  • A triangle with a whole
  • A cylinder with a twist and slices
  • A triangle with a twist and gets skinner at the top
  • A cylinder that gets wider at the top
  • A ring with edges
  • A hook that connected and is attached to a ring
  • Wavy multicolor object
  • A square cylinder with a twist
  • A box and cylinder
  • A box and bigger cylinder
  • Sum of box and cylinder
  • 2 cylinders
  • Difference, Circle and not square
  • Difference, Sphere and not cube
  • 2 cylinders one rotated
  • 2 cylinders one rotated and differenced
  • Sphere with intersection for loop
  • Cube with intersection for loop

OpenSCAD Print


  • There were no failures for this print, everything worked out printing it. I love how the twists came out on this. I thought the printer might mess this print up with the twists it has and i would have to abort the print. Luckily that didn’t happen and everything cae out great.

Summary of Group OpenSCAD Project

  • Jewelry Hand, Isabella Taylor
  • This project was easier than I thought it would be but it still was challenging. The coding was the hardest part. I had to figure out what numbers and what commands to use to have the picture I had in my mind of this print to actually work. I learned how to use rotate and translate which were a huge part of this print. Our first print was the easiest one to differ out. When we had the idea to make the edges rounded was when I got tricky. I looked up ways on how to do it. We had to make 4 cylinders and add a hull() to it so it connected all the cylinders and made rounded edges. The print with the rectangle print was easier to do after learning so much about openscad. I knew we needed to add dimensions to the cube to make it longer.  It took a long time to figure everything out but it all worked out and I loved our print.

Reflections and Future Projects

  • I really enjoyed this course this semester. It was my favorite one out of all my classes. The first day it was so cool to actually make something, I was so intrigued with these printers. Our first print on our own was from thingiverse and that one was my favorite of all them. I use that print all the time. It was a little turtle that held your phone straight up. I use it to watch videos on my phone all the time. Tinkercad was fun to work with trying out shapes and making objects on it. Tinkercad was the easiest out of the three we used. Fusion 360 is what was hard for me. It was harder to do on my laptop then using a desktop. I didn’t really understand how to work Fusion 360 until we did the Vase. The Vase was tricky but it helped me learn how to use Fusion. When we started OpenScad I thought I was going to fail this class. When we saw the coding it looked like a complete different language to me. I didn’t think I was going to be able to figure it out. It ended up being easier than I thought. I had to get use to it and learn about it more and I got the hand of it. I’m so happy I was able to take this class this semester.
  • I think I would want to make cute 3D print accessories to add to my apartment. I could make bowls to throw loose change in or basic school supplies like paper clips to put in. I could also make hooks to hang up on our wall to hang our keys. Theres so much you could print with these printers that would be cute to add to my apartment. I think I would also try to perfect our speaker we made and try to be able to make it amplify music louder. I would also want to make more things for my phone since I really enjoy my turtle phone stand.