Cassie DiPierdomenico and Bella Taylor Group Project

Tinkercad Project Outline

Initial Design Idea

  • Cassie DiPierdomenico, Bella Taylor, John Daka
  • IPhone speaker. You will be able to put your phone in a slot and the music you’re playing will be amplified.
  • We have 3 people in our group so we are at an advantage. We all use IPhones and and think the speaker on it should be louder. Using this print we will be able to listen to our music louder.
  • First we will have to learn how to work together and compromise. We will have to learn how to measure the speaker perfectly so our phones can fit. We will have to print a draft of the print and figure out if it fits. If it doesn’t then we will have to see how much we are off by.

First Draft Print


  • Our Draft print didn’t completely succeed. We want it to be a little bigger. It’s hard for the phone to stand up straight, so we think if we make the box larger it will help the phone stand straight.  The tubes should be bigger to amplify more sound. We might want to add something to the ends of the tubes to help the sound coming out become louder. We learned its going to take practice to get this print right but we are happy with the way it turned out. We learned how to make it easier to connect to connect holes with the tubes by using a workplace sideways. We connected basic shapes from tinkercad and created this speaker.

Design Iteration

The first thing we are changing about our design is the pipes that the sound is supposed to come out of. We want to make this a little wider so more sound is able to come through. The second thing we are changing is when we put our phone in the hole, it was having a hard time standing up straight on its own so we want to make sure that it has no problem sitting in the hole.


We first decided to make the idea of printing a speaker because the group next  to us brought up the idea and we felt it would’ve been a good competition of who can make the better speaker. We started looking for different designs on Tinkercad and we came across a design we thought would work really well. As we started our draft print, it didn’t come out the way we wanted to when we initially started so we had to start from the drawing board again. We decided to have two narrow tubes rather than having one big output for the music to come out of. We wanted the speaker to be accessible to the iphone 6,X,7, and 8 because those are the most common phones individual’s have. After the final print. we were happy that it works but we still need to make the tubes bigger and add in something in order to make the music louder and allow the cell phones to fit properly.

Final Print

The strengths of our project was that it actually worked. Our speaker projected music louder. This would be an easier choice of speaker considering you don’t have to use bluetooth or aux or anything like that. Another strength would be that it’s a cheaper choice then buying a portable speaker. The weaknesses would be that we wish we made it bigger. Making it bigger we would be able to have all phone sizes in our speaker. Another weakness would be that making it bigger, it would be able to hold up a phone. The phone would only be able to stand up in our speaker if it was angled a certain way. Other then that, this project ended up being successful and a lot of fun to do. We couldn’t upload our object to thingiverse because I can’t log into my profile where we designed it.