Christina + Adrian’s Tinkercad Project Outline

Initial Design Idea

Group members: Christina Ra + Adrian

3D model plan: We plan to make a spoon and fork with a pizza form on top of the fork and a bread form on top spoon. We both love food, so we decided to represent that with the spoon and fork. And we wanted to make it more personal to ourselves, so we decided to add a type of food we both like, which was bread + pizza.

Knowledge: We know the basics of combining different shapes together and creating holes in an object. We also are starting to get the hang of working with Tinkercad and the ability to adjust the workspace the way we want it to adjust.

Learn: We will have to learn how to smoothly connect one object to another, as we will have many combinations of shapes to make one form. The way the circle top of the spoon and the handle meets and for the fork also. The top of the spoon + fork and the handle does not meet in a stiff angle, instead it is rounded and gradual. We will learn through researching on YouTube and looking online for further resources/tutorials.

First Draft Print

The print was a fail. The print kept breaking apart, even after multiple attempts to print it. We learned that we need more support for the handle part of the spoon/fork. We need to change the form to have additional support.

Design Iteration

Changes we had to make:

  • We had to change the output of the print to fine print and to generate support
  • We had to generate more support for the spoon print, so we decided to make the spoon a two-piece design; with the spoon have a block at the end that it stands on and have that same block cutout in the bread

Final Print

Strengths + weaknesses: The size of these objects are both a strength and weakness. For the aesthetics, the size is very cute and a strong point, however for functionality the size would be a weakness as it is very tiny and would not be able to physically grab/pick up any food. Our concept/aesthetic is a strength, as it is very personalized to us. Also, I think we did a fantastic job representing pizza and bread. A weakness for the aesthetic would be the fork, it turned out to be more like a spork, which works however it wasn’t what we had necessarily in mind. All in all I think our spoon-bread and pizza-fork came out to be what we envisioned and we are very proud of them!

Link: breadspoon + pizzafork