Kara and Nina’s Design

Initial Design Idea

  • Nina Coughlin and Kara Hines
  • We plan on making an iPhone speaker. The speaker will have an area for a cellphone to be held up so music can be projected through the design.
  • Our team has beginner level 3D printing skills, but I think our creativity will allow us to figure out the best possible way for the sound coming from the iPhone to be at its loudest.
  • We will have to learn to change designs and work together to make sure we both agree on the process.

First Draft Print

  • The first draft of our speaker failed horribly.┬áThe print was too complicated and too big for the printer. We wanted this speaker to be sturdy and well-made, but don’t believe we have the expertise to make that work at this point. We decided to change our print to a sunglass stand with a nose holding up the sunglasses as the support. The image below is the first draft of the nose and peg that will support the sunglasses. The print once again failed terribly, but the stand came out well (which is pictured below in black).

Design Iteration

  • The first main thing we changed about our print was the design in general. After we changed the design from phone speaker to sunglass holder, we realized the nose part of the print needed some adjustments. The first nose we printed completely failed. We found a new nose design and added a peg to the back of it. We moved the print further down on Tinkercad and adjusted the measurements of it slightly to fit in the stand.

Final Print

  • We think the main weakness of this print is that the nose could be cleaner looking and if the two piece were the same color, it would look much better. We shaved the nose down to appear more clean cut. Other than that, we are super proud of how our print turned out and the functionality of it.
  • https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3519264