Thurs 3/28 – Starting Fusion 360

Note:  If you have something little you want to print today, go ahead and get that started 🙂 

Get a Fusion 360 account

  • Fusion 360 is already on the desktop computers in 3SPACE. You can log into Fusion 360 with your Autodesk email and password (which will be the same as your Tinkercad username and password, since Autodesk also owns Tinkercad).
  • If you have a laptop, you should also get a free student copy of Fusion 360 for yourself, at this link. Our Fusion 360 project will be an individual project, not a group project.

Learning how to use Fusion 360

  • In class you’ll go through the Fusion 360 walkthrough at this link.
  • For homework you’ll create and document “20 forms” in Fusion 360 (see the Homework Calendar)
  • If you want to go the extra mile with your forms, try watching some of these Fusion 360 videos.