Tues 4/9 – Starting OpenSCAD

Today we’ll watch the PolyBowls video to get started with OpenSCAD:

  • Go to the YouTube link and watch the video
  • Open a new file in OpenSCAD (download here if you want it on your own machine)
  • Copy and paste the code in the description of the video into a new OpenSCAD file
  • Experiment with modifying the code, then press “F5” to view the outcome
  • When you’re ready, press “F6” to generate a 3D model and then File/Export to STL to save
  • Slice in Cura as usual and print!

For the next class day you’ll make 20 forms in OpenSCAD; try out some of the links on the OpenSCAD Tutorials and Links page to learn about new tools and techniques.

You should also start thinking of a pitch for what you want to make as a final group project with OpenSCAD that you will work on over the next two weeks. Your project should be something that you can make “customizable”; more on that later.