Christina + Adrian OpenSCAD Project

Initial Design Idea

Description: For our 3D model we will be making a snake. The snake is customizable, in that you can change the amount to curves the snake has, how long the snake will be, and if the snake is smiling or frowning. We wanted to create this because we both like animals!

Knowledge: We both have minimal understanding of for loops, mirror function, and if/then code.

Learn: We will have to learn how to combine the curves in a smooth way. We will also learn how to incrementally change the for loop for every loop. We will also learn how to make the shape of the curve. We will learn by finding examples and tutorials on YouTube and combining the different understandings we have.

Design Iteration

Code + Model in Process:

Code: We had to change our idea because making the shapes and the code for the snake proved to be way too difficult. We first have the different variables on the top of the code that will allow the crown to be customizable. The base of our code is the for loop. The translate function in the for loop takes each cycle and make the circle shape.

Change: Our biggest change from our initial design was creating a whole new idea. We also had to replace using the mirror function with the for function. As the for function was more functional and we have the ability to make the object more customizable.

First Draft Print

Success/Fail: We need to tweak the code a little bit so that the circles and the size of the crown directly correlate with each other; or else if the “r” variable (the size of the crown) is too small for the size of the “circle” variable, the crown becomes more like an open cylinder/ the ridges combine together. But overall the print was successful and printed the way we wanted to. We might add another customizer option so that the ridges can be pointier.

Thingiverse Customizer

Customizer was down so could not upload it to Customizer / do the steps that required Customizer, so we just had to post in Thingiverse without Customizer.

Code: We added the option to change the smoothness of the crown, and we added comments into our code to help viewers know what they can customize and what it will do. We allow the user to customize the overall size of the crown, the height of the base of the crown, height of the ridges of the crown, number of ridges of the crown, and the smoothness of the crown.

Restrictions: We didn’t set restrictions to allow the user the flexibility to make the crown however they want and the ability to play around with it.

Link : thingiverse

Final Prints

10 points, due by noon on Thursday 4/25

This print came out decent. The spiralized option was accidentally selected which made it weak and frail. It had 13 peaks but a few broke off.  It was not as smooth as expected because the smoothness parameter, “cycles,” was decreased.

This is the final print which came out sturdy and complete. One can see every little cylinder that makes up the entire crown. I would say this is the ideal design that most looks like a crown. This has seven peaks and a wider base than the other models. The base height was lowered and so was the height for the peaks so it looks more proportional. This print better resembles the shape of a crown with a much higher smoothness due to the increased number in the cycles parameter.