Chesley and Ella Name Plate

February 12, 2019 CHayward

Initial Design Idea The 3D model we plan to create is a customizable nameplate. We chose this idea because we thought it was a relatively simple concept that we could be really creative with. The nameplate we would create would be a prism shape that […]

HSA Logo

Initial Design Idea Ella Alvis and Chesley Hayward We chose this 3D model because we are both Health Services Administration majors. We find it unique because there’s nowhere you could potentially purchase this item. We figured it would be a cool thing to put on our desk or elsewhere […]

Chesley Hayward Portfolio

January 8, 2019 CHayward

Hello Hi everyone, my name is Chesley Hayward. My name is commonly mistaken for Chelsey because of the slight spelling change; don’t worry, I won’t get offended! I am from the town of Midlothian, Virginia which is about 20 minutes outside of Richmond. Some things […]