OpenSCAD Project: Desk Accessory

February 12, 2019 CTraynor

Initial Design Idea We plan to create a Super Mario themed desk accessory that has a customizable nameplate and pencil holder where one could change the format and design of the actual product. There will three different objects on the nameplate with the tube from […]

Flying Pig 3D Print

Flying Pig Group Members: Chris Traynor and Thiha (Wayne) Aung We are going to create a 3D model of a flying pig. Our flying pig is a cartoon character with a jetpack on it as well as a helmet for protection of course. The reason […]

Chris Traynor’s Portfolio

January 9, 2019 CTraynor

Hey, my name is Chris Traynor and I am currently studying economics at JMU to find a place as a register representative helping people with their finances. In other words, I would like to be a stock broker. Throughout high school I place various sports, […]