Customizable Soap Tray

February 12, 2019 GLaCroix

Initial Design Idea For our openSCAD project, we are going to create a customizable soap tray.  We want to design this because it is very practical and can be used everyday in homes everywhere.  As we start this project, we have the basic knowledge that […]

Bottle Opener

Initial Design Idea Our group is Jackson McKean and Gannon La Croix.  The print that we intend to create is a bottle opener with a coin in the middle to act as the opening mechanism.  We know that the print itself is probably not strong […]

Gannon La Croix Portfolio

January 8, 2019 GLaCroix

Hello Hi, I’m Gannon La Croix. I have absolutely ZERO 3D printing experience. I chose to take the 3D printing lab because it is relevant to my field of study. I am a SMAD major with a concentration in DVC. 3D printing is important in […]