Customizable Jewelry Box

February 12, 2019 KFesta

Initial Design Idea For this project, we plan to create a customizable jewelry box. How we plan to make it customizable, is going to be through the different inserts/dividers which you will be able to choose and print. We plan to have different sized sections, […]

Honeycomb Personalized Keyholder

January 15, 2019 KFesta

Initial Design Idea Kelly Festa and Gabby Dermody. We chose to create a honeycomb personalized key holder because we thought this would be an interesting and visually pleasing form to create, and we wanted to personalize it to make it something significant and personal to […]

Kelly Festa Portfolio

January 9, 2019 KFesta

Hello My name is Kelly Festa and I am currently a junior. I am a finance major with a concentration in European Business, but honestly, I have no idea what I want to do with that yet. I’m from Syracuse, New York, which is a […]