Tinkercad Project Outline

Initial Design Idea Emma Feimer and Brooke Chaco. We have decided to create a plane. We thought this would be a good model because we both love to travel and thought that this would be something that would challenge us in tinkercad. From the start, […]

Kara and Nina’s Design

Initial Design Idea Nina Coughlin and Kara Hines We plan on making an iPhone speaker. The speaker will have an area for a cellphone to be held up so music can be projected through the design. Our team has beginner level 3D printing skills, but […]

Potted Succulent

Initial Design Idea Group Members: Becca Sullivan and Brittany Seto 3D Model idea: We are planning on designing a two piece model: the plant which will sit in the pot.  We thought it would be interesting to play with the juxtaposition within content and material. […]

Bottle Opener

Initial Design Idea Our group is Jackson McKean and Gannon La Croix.  The print that we intend to create is a bottle opener with a coin in the middle to act as the opening mechanism.  We know that the print itself is probably not strong […]

Psychology Decor

Alexis Bieltz and Kara Norman Initial Design Idea    (example of acrostic image)   The 3d model we want to create is an acrostic word that is intended to be a decoration for a desk of a therapist or psychologist’s office. We want to use […]

Flying Pig 3D Print

January 15, 2019 WAung

Flying Pig Group Members: Chris Traynor and Thiha (Wayne) Aung We are going to create a 3D model of a flying pig. Our flying pig is a cartoon character with a jetpack on it as well as a helmet for protection of course. The reason […]

HSA Logo

Initial Design Idea Ella Alvis and Chesley Hayward We chose this 3D model because we are both Health Services Administration majors. We find it unique because there’s nowhere you could potentially purchase this item. We figured it would be a cool thing to put on our desk or elsewhere […]

Customized Pop Figures

Initial Design Idea Bailey Callahan and Maggie Ricciardelli We plan to create customized pop figures because we collect them and we want to make ourselves in the artistic style of pop figures. Included above is an example of pop figures designed after Game of Thrones […]

Honeycomb Personalized Keyholder

January 15, 2019 KFesta

Initial Design Idea Kelly Festa and Gabby Dermody. We chose to create a honeycomb personalized key holder because we thought this would be an interesting and visually pleasing form to create, and we wanted to personalize it to make it something significant and personal to […]

Bachelor Rose

Initial Design Idea Shannon Stagliano and Skylar Simone We decided to create a rose specifically dedicated to the show “The Bachelor” because we are both avid Bachelor watchers. We thought this design would be popular amongst devoted fans like ourselves as a wine decoration that […]

Psychology Decor

Initial Design Idea 10 points, due by noon on Thursday 1/17 list the names of the two people in your group describe the 3D model that you plan to create, and why what knowledge does your team bring to this project right from the start? […]

Tinkercad Project Outline

Copy the text of this post and paste it into a new post of your own. Then fill in the sections according to the checklists before the deadlines. You will complete this post with a group member. Please be sure that both members contribute equally […]