Tues Sept 4 – Functions

// Announcements

  • The date to drop a class without having a W on your record is TODAY, September 4. If you don’t NEED to take MATH 231 for your major and are struggling in this class, you might want to consider changing to another math course.
    • If you are in a non-science major you may be able to take MATH 205 or MATH 220 instead. For example, Psychology and Kineseology majors generally do not need to take MATH 231. Check with your advisor and/or the JMU course catalog for official requirements.
    • Biology majors are strongly encouraged to take MATH 233-234 instead; that course sequence covers mathematical modeling in a way that is very relevant to biology.

// During class

  • Hand back 0.1 Mastery Quiz
  • Take 0.2–0.3 Mastery Quiz
  • Discuss Sections 0.4–0.5
    • Overview of the reading
    • Projector slides with problems and questions
    • Questions to look for in the homework

// After class

  • If you haven’t already, please take the Policy Check survey. If you don’t get 100% correct then please retake the survey until you have achieved 100% mastery.
  • See the Homework Calendar for details on what to do to prepare for Thursday’s Mastery Quiz on Sections 0.4–0.5.