Tues Sept 25 – Definition of Limit

// During class

  • Hand back Mastery Quiz Retakes
  • Take 1.1 Mastery Quiz
  • EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: The annual SUMS Conference will be at JMU on Saturday, Oct 13. You can earn five points extra credit for attending one of the main addresses and two short student talks, then typing up a one-page reflection of your experience. If you cannot attend due to work or some other key conflict, please let me know so we can arrange an alternate extra credit opportunity.
  • Discuss Section 1.2
    • Overview of the reading
    • Projector slides with problems and questions

// After class

  • Register for the SUMS Conference if you can attend.
  • See the Homework Calendar for details on what to do to prepare for Thursday’s Mastery Quiz on Section 1.2.