Tues Oct 9 – Questions Day

// During class

  • Hand back 1.4–1.5 Mastery Quiz
  • Take 1.6 Mastery Quiz
  • Questions/discussion from Sections 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6

// After class

  • Decide what Retake you will do on Thursday; then do homework, take notes, and get help as needed to achieve mastery. You’ll be able to pick a Retake from any of the previous sections.

// SUMS Extra Credit — Details

To get 5 points extra credit in this course for attending the SUMS conference,

  • Go to the conference Saturday, October 13
    • Go to Dr. Crans’ opening address plus two student talks in the morning
    • OR go to Dr. Sellers’ opening address plus two student talks in the afternoon
    • The schedule should be available soon at http://www.jmu.edu/mathstat/sums/
  • While you are at the conference be sure to register at the reception desk (if you didn’t register online already)
  • Type up a one-page reflection on your experiences
  • Hand in the writeup by Thursday, October 18

If you have work or some other serious conflict on Saturday then you can get the same amount of extra credit with an alternate colloquium assignment:

  • Let me know by Thurdsay, October 11 that you plan to do this alternate assignment
  • Attend two math colloquium sessions
  • Type up a one-page reflection of your experiences
  • Hand in the writeup sometime later this semester

Remember, this is extra credit, and not a requirement for the course! Do it if you would like to, but don’t stress about it too much if you have other commitments or need to spend time working on homework or other things instead.