Mon Feb 12 – 6.4 Inverse Trig

// During class

  • Mastery Quiz
    • Hand back 6.2 Mastery Quizzes
    • Take 6.3 Mastery Quiz
  • Grades discussion
  • Section 6.4
    • Discuss at tables: definition, domain, and range of \(\sin x\)
    • p.438-9: Restricted domains, definitions, and graphs of inverse trig functions
    • Look through rest of reading
    • Projector/tables: Find exact values of inverse trig functions
    • Projector: Derivatives of inverse trig functions, proof with implicit differentiation
    • Whiteboards: Calculate inverse trig limits and derivatives

// After class

  • Complete the Homework for Section 6.4, be ready for the 6.4 Mastery Quiz on Wednesday.
  • Start thinking about which section you will study for Monday’s Retake opportunity.
  • Make a Grades Appointment with me if you are headed for C or below.
    ***Make sure you bring ALL of your homework, notes, work, and EVERY Mastery Quiz and Retake with you to the meeting.***