Wed Mar 14 – Questions Day

// During class

  • Mastery Quiz
    • Hand back 6.3 Mastery Quizzes
    • Take 6.4 Mastery Quiz
  • Happy Pi Day!
  • Questions?
    • What do you want to discuss from Sections 6.2, 6.3, and 6.4?
    • Class discussion, table problems, board work depending on questions asked

// After class

  • On Monday you’ll have a Retake opportunity, so get prepared! You can choose to be re-evaluated for mastery on any one of the previous sections.
  • Reminders/advice: The Retakes are randomly generated multiple-choice questions based on the homework assignments for each section, so be sure to work for mastery on the entire assignment, not just on a previous quiz. Your grade for the semester will be determined by your highest demonstrated mastery on each of the 18 Mastery Quizzes. See the Homework CalendarMastery Quizzes FAQ, and Grades FAQ for more information.