A note on the Canvas Gradebook

Grades in this course will be computed according to the system described below. We will use the Canvas Gradebook only to keep track of quiz and homework scores. Averages or grade estimates from Canvas do not necessarily have anything to do with your grade in this course. Please consult only the below for grade information.

What counts towards my grade in this course?

You have an opportunity to earn up to 87 points this semester. What you earn translates into the grades listed below. Plus/minus grades will be given for point totals slightly above/below these cutoffs.

A  = 95%  = earn 83 points
B  = 85%  = earn 74 points
C  = 75%  = earn 65 points
D  = 60%  = earn 52 points

The bulk of these points will be from Mastery Quizzes, and your grade will depend on your ability to show mastery on each of these quizzes by the end of the semester. Additional points can be earned by completing homework problems online and on paper, and by enegaging in and out of class.

See the bottom of this page for a Grade Tracker you can print and fill in to keep track of the points you have earned. The small picture above shows what your tracker should look like overall at the end of the course to earn an A, B, C, or D grade. Once you have earned points you can never lose them, but with Retakes and Resubmissions you can add more points to Mastery Quizzes and some homeworks.

Rubric for Mastery Quizzes

Mastery Quizzes will be given throughout the semester, in bundles, as Chapter Tests. Quiz problems are randomized and based directly on the homework assignments. You will have a fixed number of retake opportunities during class time to retry a new, randomized copy of any Mastery Quiz you like, plus more retake opportunities during the final exam. Only the highest score for each quiz will be kept. 

0 points = No questions correct (or not taken)
1 points = One question correct
2 points = Two questions correct
3 points = Three questions correct

Rubric for WebAssign Warmups 

These online assignments will be graded for completeness, are graded by chapter, and are due in bundles on test days. You can submit answers as many times as you like. You can access WebAssign through a link on the class Canvas page

0 points = Not completed by Chapter deadline
1 points = Half of the problems completed correctly
2 points = Almost all problems completed correctly
3 points = All problems completed correctly

Rubric for Paper Problems

You have three objectives: write out the problem statement, show all work clearly and completely, and find the correct answer. Paper Problems are graded by chapter and are due in bundles on test days. You will have an opportunity to resubmit any two chapter sets at the end of the course to increase your score.

0 points = Not completed by chapter deadline
1 points = Most of the problems satisfy one of the three objectives
2 points =  Most of the problems satisfy two of the three objectives
3 points =  Most of the problems satisfy three of the three objectives

Rubric for Engagement Points

You can earn one point for each of the following engagement goals, up to three: (A) visiting the SMLC on 3 days, (B) meeting with a study group on 3 days, (C) regularly writing at the board, (D) contributing to a Canvas chat or discussion on 6 days, (E) complete all surveys, and/or (F) earning 90% on attendance quizzes. 

0 points = No engagement goals reached
1 points = Two engagement goals reached
2 points = Three engagement goals reached
3 points = Four or more engagement goals reached

What if I need to withdraw?

The last day you can drop a class without anything appearing on your transcript is the university Course Adjustment Drop/Add deadline of January 21. After that, you can drop a class and get a “W” on your transcript until the university Withdrawl deadline of March 20. In extraordinary situations, grades of “WP” or “WF” can be given after the Withdrawl deadline, at the instructor’s discretion. Be sure to discuss your situation with your academic advisor before withdrawing from this or any class.

MATH 232 Grade Tracker

Fill in your earned points on this tracker to keep track of your grade progress. Print out the image below or use the Google Doc link to print or fill out the tracker online.