Mon Feb 24 – Trig Limits & Derivs

Typical class day:

  • Hand back MQ retakes
  • Lecture and discussion on Section 6.3

Upcoming events:

  • Wednesday MQ retake opportunity
  • Friday will be online activity/worksheet (stay tuned, check Canvas)

Fri Feb 21 – Trig Identities

Today’s plan:

  • Retake any Mastery Quiz
  • Lecture and Discussion for Section 6.2
  • Note that the test is in two weeks

Wed Feb 19 – Trig begins…


  • Tests and homeworks handed back
  • Performance lower this time… and also many homeworks not completed. This is related! To improve your perfomance on the quizzes, make sure that you do all of the homework
  • Note we have a new HW assignment today that you can start on right away 🙂


  • Section 6.1: Trigonometric Functions
  • Table discussion and exit quiz if time permits

Mon Feb 17 – Test Recap


  • Moved this week’s Retake opportunity to Friday
  • Tests and HWs will be graded before the next class


  • Go over problems from the Chapter 5 Mastery Quizzes

Fri Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day!

(and more importantly, good luck on the test)

Wed Feb 12 – Review

We’ll start with Mentimeter to gather questions for discussion.
Topics might include:

  • Mathematical questions?
  • Logistical questions?
  • Test-taking strategy questions?
  • WebAssign or Paper Problems homework questions?

Mon Feb 10 – L’Hopital’s Rule


  • Hand back MQ’s, for real this time
  • Test and homework deadlines on Friday!
  • I’ve added extra hours this week
  • SMLC Hours reminder: MTWR 10-8, F 10-2, Sat 5-8


  • Lecture/discussion on Section 5.5
  • Mentimeter and/or table quizzes, time permitting

Fri Feb 7 – Exp and Log Derivs


  • Hand back MQs
  • Discuss next week’s test and how to plan for it

Mathy stuff

  • Lecture/discussion of Section 5.3
  • Mentimeter check-in and questions
  • Board work and group quiz

Wed Feb 5 – Two Retakes

Good luck on your retakes today!

Mon Feb 3 – Exp/Log Limits

The plan continues…

  • Hand back Chapter 4 Paper Problems (free 3’s this time!)
  • Recap discussion of Section 5.1
  • Section 5.2: Exponential and Logarithmic Limits
  • Table discussion and attendance quizzes

Wednesday you have *two* Mastery Quiz Retake opportunities (any two different sections of your choice).

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