Wed Jan 15 – Next steps

Anybody new?

  • Add your picture to my student list
  • Get set up with Canvas and WebAssign
  • Complete the “Late Joiners” list in the Calendar

During the class hour:

  • Lecture and group work on Section 4.2: Power Functions
  • Mentimeter and questions
  • Wrap-up problems and attendance quizzes

What do you need to do after class?

  • Successfully log into WebWork from the link on Canvas (if you have a problem, go to and Contact Support by calling their 24/7 number)
  • Complete the WebWork review assignment by the start of Friday’s class (when you will take a Mastery Quiz on this material)
  • Complete the Online Policy Check (this counts towards Engagement Point goals)
  • If you have time to get ahead, then start the Section 4.2 WebWork Warmup and the Section 4.2 Paper Problems; they will be due on the first Chapter Test day, on Monday, January 27.


Hi everybody. My name is Dr. Laura Taalman and you can call me Dr. Taalman or Professor Taalman or Dr. Laura or even Laura if you want. I prefer not to be referred to by M-things like “Ms”, “Mrs”, or “Miss”, but I’ll make an exception for “Ma’am” if you’re particularly southern. My pronouns are she/her.

Survey: If you’re reading this while waiting for class to start on the first day, then please have a chat with your table neighbors and fill out the paper surveys that have been passed out.

Faces: I have trouble with names/faces so I’m going to hand around my phone(!) and ask each of you to put a selfie and your name into an app that I will use to help me remember you.

Roll Call: When class begins I’ll go through the class roll to get your preferred names and let you say hello to the class.

Feedback: In this class everyone is welcome. It is important to me that I can hear from all of you, not just those who are most outgoing or comfortable. To help in this effort, we’ll be trying something new called Mentimeter that collects anonymous cell phone feedback. Please get out your phones and go to, then use the code on the screen and let me know how you’re feeling and any questions or comments you want to share.

Canvas/WebAssign: Once you’re done with that, please log into Canvas and say hello in the Chat. Then go back to the Canvas home page for our class and click the “WebAssign” link to set up your Cengage account and access WebAssign. Check that you have access to the homework for this week: a MATH 231 review assignment that is due on Friday at the start of class.

Mastery Based Grading

In this class we will encourage you to have a growth mindset:

To encourage this positive growth mindset, we’re going to try something new called “Mastery-Based Grading”. Basically, we’re going to move away from the typical calculus-class model in which there are a few high-stakes, do-or-die exams. Instead, there will be a series of lower-stakes Mastery Quizzes, each of which has opportunities for being retaken and improved upon.

You can see the Mastery Quiz schedule on the class Calendar. For more information see the Grades FAQ and the Mastery Quizzes FAQ.

To get started, let’s take a Practice Quiz!

First Day Logistics

Class website (you’re on it!):

Canvas site: MATH 232-03, used primarily to collect quiz and homework scores

WebAssign: Log in for free access through the link on Canvas

Textbook: Calculus with Integrated Precalculus, Taalman (ebook is free with WebAssign!)

Speed Syllabus: During class time, phones are okay to have out but not in active use, and we will use them for feedback surveys through Mentimeter. No laptops unless you have special permission. You don’t need to buy a calculator. Office hours are online in Canvas Chat or by appointment/drop-in. Your Grade is determined by how many of 87 points you can earn over the semester. Most of those points are from Mastery Quizzes, and you have some Retake opportunities. Points can also be earned by completing online WebAssign and analog Paper Problem Homework assignments, due by chapter according to the Calendar. There is a test the day before spring break. Class will be an open and friendly environment and we will talk in groups and write on the board and make lots of mistakes and that is just fine. I will always finish class on time. Names/faces are difficult for me so please be patient/forgiving 🙂

Prerequisites: This course is open to students who earned a C- grade or higher in MATH 231. If you just completed MATH 231 with a grade lower than C- and are still enrolled in this course then you need to drop this course and retake MATH 231 before attemping MATH 232 before January 15th. There are not many seats left in MATH 231 this semester, so quick action is recommended. The add/drop deadline for the spring semester is January 21st.

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