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JFK Assassination

  • ‘Last Second in Dallas’: Debate and Agreement

    The publication of Tink Thompson’s “Last Second in Dallas,” and a favorable review from San Francisco Chronicle movie critic Mick LaSalle, has triggered a debate about the forensic evidence in

  • Josiah Thompson on how to think about November 22

    Josiah Thompson, known to friends as Tink, is the JFK researcher emeritus. As a philosophy graduate student in 1966, he was the first person (outside the CIA) to make a

  • What is the JFK end game?

    Charles asks a good question: Q. How do we define and effect justice for JFK and the untold millions of collaterally damaged victims of the Dealey Plaza attack? What is

  • What did we learn from the 2017 JFK releases?

    “There’s a lot of noise around the Kennedy assassination,” I observe in the JFK Facts Podcast #2. With host Alan Dale, I try to cut though that noise and talk

  • A question about the grassy knoll

    MIke writes: People keep putting stock into people who said the shot came from the knoll. Yeah I know those days were chaotic they might’ve thought it came from the

  • Talking about JFK and the law

    The Future of Freedom Foundation has sponsoring series on the national security state and the assassination of JFK. This Wednesday, I’ll be talking about Morley v. CIA, my new eBook

  • The state of the still-classified JFK files

    Rex Bradford and I assess the State of JFK Releases 2021 at Mary Ferrell Foundation web site. According to NARA’s JFK Assassination Records Processing Project page, 15,834 documents still feature redactions.

  • JFK Facts Podcast # 1 (17 March, 2021)

    Transcript: DALE: Welcome to JFK Facts podcast, featuring news, analysis and discussion of issues relevant to the study of President Kennedy’s assassination. My name is Alan Dale. It’s my pleasure

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