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JFK Assassination

  • Motorcade 63

    This is well done, so I’ll let creator Mark Tyler explain. “Motorcade 63” is an animated reconstruction of the events surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It is based on

  • Oliver Stone on Trump and JFK

    Oliver Stone on the still-secret JFK files that are supposed to be released in October 2021: Stone believes that no US president since Kennedy died has been “able to go

  • Top 5 CIA Movies

    This comes from a friend of a Twitter friend, and I must agree.

  • Why CIA Ties Were Omitted from Obituaries of Priscilla Johnson McMillan

    My fellow JFK researchers note lugubriously that the New York Times and Washington Post obituaries of the late Priscilla Johnson McMillan, prominent defender of the official theory of JFK’s assassination,

  • RIP Priscilla Johnson McMillan, Oswald Biographer Who the CIA Viewed as an Asset

    Priscilla Johnson McMillan, the biographer of Lee Harvey Oswald and defender of the official theory of JFK’s assassination who concealed her collaborative relationship with the CIA from the reading public,

  • Oliver Stone’s Coming JFK Documentary

    Oliver Stone has done what, curiously enough, no major new organization or documentary filmmaker has done: try to make sense of the totality of information about the assassination of JFK

  • Morley v. CIA in Review

    James DiEugenio has published a lucid review of my ebook, Morley v. CIA. It starts like this: Recognizing the significant contributions to JFK research made by mainstream journalist Jefferson Morley,

  • RIP Richard Stolley, the Man Who Bought Abraham Zapruder’s Film

    The recent passing of magazine editor Richard Stolley is occasion to remember how perhaps the single the most important piece of evidence in the assassination of President Kennedy came to


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